Leaked images of Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app with 3D mapping

“Apple has been working on an in-house mapping solution for a few years, and it appears as if the company is finally ready to release a new Maps app for iOS, sidestepping Google’s mapping data for its own,” Jonathan S. Geller reports for BGR.

“BGR has obtained exclusive information and photos of parts of Apple’s new Maps app from a trusted source, and the app features a refreshed user interface including a brand new navigation bar,” Geller reports. “This bar, we’re told, is silver instead of blue. Since the current Maps app follows the standard blue iOS color scheme, we think it’s possible Apple might shift toward a silver color theme in iOS 6 like on the iPad.”

Geller reports, “To access 3D mode, which will make use of Apple’s C3 Technologies acquisition, you have to peel back the lower right corner of Maps just like the current version and enable 3D mode.”

iOS 6 3D Maps
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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Nice, but I’m certain that the new app will cover the major cities only. Don’t expect any love for your local community if you live in Sierra Blanca, TX or Sierra Vista, AZ.

  2. Google maps are a mess. Seems more often than not they have sent me to the wrong location. So now I touch the phone number and ask directions, and that has saved me a lot of trouble. Hopefully AppleMaps will be better.

    1. Me too. Google maps is a superior map and info app. I don’t care about a pretty picture of days gone by. Up to the minute maps, directions and traffic info. Google does it all already.

  3. Looks pretty slick.

    If they can at the least match the existing functionality and accuracy of the existing map app with Google data they have it in the bag.

  4. Don’t even bother with the article, the whole thing is a fake. The giant image at the top of the article is a “mockup”, you find out in the last sentence. Piss poor crap mockup too… the stuff from C3 2 years ago looked 10x better, and they’ve had time to work on it. Then a bunch of blurry photos of the “real thing”. BGR, looking for hits after a slow Memorial day.
    This should definitely have the “Think before you click TM” warning.

    1. Yeah, I’m afraid I have to agree. The photographs are literally laughable, as in, I defy you to look at them with a straight face. At least two of the photos look like blurry photos from an atlas. There’s not one image that shows streets.

      I’m all for Apple going their own way with maps if they can do better than the Google Maps app, but that’s a high hill to climb.


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