Apple solicits feedback from Cupertino neighbors regarding ‘Mothership’ campus plans

“Apple last week sent out a mailing to neighbors of its planned Apple Campus 2, a massive new facility on the site of an old HP campus in Cupertino that is set to host 13,000 workers,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “The mailing offers details on the project, solicits feedback, and asks whether neighbors will support the project either in person at public meetings or by writing letters of support.”

“In the mailing, Apple touts how the project will enhance the neighborhood around the campus, from both functional and aesthetic perspectives. Apple notes that the project will bring upgrades to streets and sidewalks in the area and add more than 2,000 tress will replacing acres of parking lots with green space,” Slivka reports. “Apple also emphasizes the environmental side of its efforts, from a commitment to 100% renewable energy including a massive solar installation to water reclamation and improved drainage.”

Slivka reports, “Apple’s timeline calls for the City of Cupertino to review and approve the campus plans later this year, with construction to begin immediately following approval and the first move-ins planned for 2015.”

Full article, with photographs of Apple’s mailing, here.


  1. The survey also gives information on the construction of not only the saucer section but the always dicey installation of the twin nacelles too. Residents are urged to make plans to use alternative routes during this period of construction. It was also disclosed that “clear aluminum” panels will be used instead of gorilla glass due to the aluminums greater strength and durability.

  2. If I owned property nearby I would be finalizing plans for an observation deck, built as high as I could get it, overlooking the campus. People would pay to see that space from a nice angle… even the building of it.

  3. Since when does Apple solicit feedback? They must be hoping to get a bunch of negative replies so they have an excuse to get out of building that crazy thing.

  4. The Mothership is going to happen. It’s a done deal. I applaud Apple ‘s desire to solicit the concerns of their neighbors, but nothing is going to change the outcome. I suspect that Apple will make some concessions to the local community; however, the inertia for this project is too great to stop, much less stall, the construction.

    Granted there will always be a few NIMBYs that will fuss and fume. My answer is you should have relocated to a more rural environ if this is a problem and WTF were you thinking anyhow? Cupertino is awash in megacorporate campuses. Open your eyes!

  5. At last we get an idea of how employees will move outside around the mothership. From the brochure:

    “Once in Cupertino, employees walk or use Apple’s shuttle system, Apple bikes or car sharing between campuses.”

    But it is remains unclear how they will move around inside the mothership beside walking and walking and walking.

    1. It seems that the design is more artistic than practical. I have to agree that the circular design makes getting from one point to another increasingly difficult as the length of the arc increases.

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