Samsung’s S Voice, an Apple Siri clone, leaks; Samsung blocks rival iPhone clones from using

“Samsung’s S Voice, a Siri-like feature that was supposed to be one of the main attractions of its upcoming Galaxy S III, has leaked,” Salvador Rodriguez reports for The Los Angeles Times. “The company announced its upcoming phone and the feature earlier this month, and the device is scheduled to begin selling in Europe next week.”

“But the S Voice feature has reportedly been leaked and can run on any device operating on Android’s latest OS version, called Ice Cream Sandwich,” Rodriguez reports. “The feature can be downloaded and installed on devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and work the way it’s supposed to, according to website Redmond Pie.”

Rodriguez reports, “Samsung has reportedly begun blocking S Voice requests coming from unsupported devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, the ultimate iPhone cloner is now trying to clone Siri, but they’re upset that rival iPhone cloners want to tap into their Siri clone?

So every assembler of pretend iPhones is going to create and run their very own Siri clone? Gee, that won’t be confusing or add to the already obscene fragmentation over in I-wish-I-had-a-real-iPhone-land. S Voice™, Sara™, Suru™, Soro™, Sere™…


Also, Apple’s data centers, which support Siri, cost billions of dollars. How good can some of these Siri-clones from the low margin Fragmandroid handset peddlers ever really hope to be? How many languages will they ever be able to support? What’s HTC going to have, a broom closet with a pair of ancient Packard Bells trying to decipher a bunch of hapless souls fruitlessly asking, “Why didn’t I buy a real iPhone?”

Sounds like lots of fun ahead. Again.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RL” for the heads up.]


  1. S voice? They sure don’t try to hide what they are doing. I wonder what else they thought about calling it…maybe Ciri, or perhaps SiSi. At least show some creativity, like reverse the letters and call it Iris, or something like Sammy.

  2. Just had to add this, got it from

    New Android Malware Emerges, Charges Users For Free Apps
    By Ben Reid on May 22nd, 2012

    We’d love to post only positive news here regarding the fast-moving world of technology, but unfortunately, it’s becoming a case of another day, another malware discovered where Google’s Android is concerned, and the latest one is arguably the most alarming of all. Because while free apps often allow users to sample apps before paying for the full version, the latest chapter in the Android malware debacle actually charges users for the privilege of using free apps.

  3. changing the story. I was flipping through tv channels and was surprised to see shopNBC was selling the new iPad today. These type of shopping channels always sell lots of stuff. i always wanted to see macs on there, but never did.

    One cool thing was they let you buy the ipad in 6 monthly installments

    1. But you can’t just buy an iPad you have to buy an iPad bundle. So the accessories that they include cost you an additional $349 more. My very generous estimate on the value of those accessories is $225. I really think they are worth no more than $158 though. So this is no bargain, even with paying monthly.

  4. i’m just surprised they didn’t call it Yuri or Miri, or something even more obvious. it seems like they’ve been daring apple the whole way.

  5. O the outrage, those other guys are stealing Samsung’ strategy of shameless theft of Apple’s IP. Of course Samsung got it from Google, who got it from Microsoft. The only way any of them can hope to compete.

  6. Much though I hate Samsung and would never buy a piss poor more than pathetic Galaxy anything over an iPhone or iPad, never in a million years would I trust Samsung with my data or anything else for that matter, one thing that Samsung got right was the 4.5″ screen size. I hope the next iPhone 5 will have a 4.5″ screen as a minimum. Of course the larger the better.

    1. “the larger the better”? This isn’t male enlargement email spam, you know – we’re talking phone sizes here.

      I guess this leaves me with only one counter-argument: “more than a handful is a waste”.

    2. So now you’re going to complain if it isn’t 4.5″ since the rumors say it will be 4″? Are you EVER happy? No need to answer, I already know…

  7. Samsung’s cult-like Apple-following is clearly evident in their slavish adoration of Apple’s products. 😉

    I’m surprised they didn’t just go with “Samsiri”.

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