Class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of botching MobileMe to iCloud transition

“A new lawsuit accuses Apple of participating in ‘unfair, unlawful, deceptive, and misleading practices’ in promoting the simplicity and reliability of its iCloud service,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The complaint was filed this week in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by plaintiff Danyelle Comer and discovered by AppleInsider. The filing expresses dissatisfaction with Apple’s transition from the paid MobileMe service to its successor, iCloud,” Hughes reports. “‘Throughout the migration, Apple failed to adequately ensure that features MobileMe users were paying for would be accessible, including access to their e-mail accounts for which customers pay additional fees,’ the complaint reads. ‘As a result, numerous MobileMe users suffered damage from the inability to access their individual accounts.'”

Hughes reports, “The lawsuit asserts that Apple ‘misrepresented’ its iCloud service in advertising it to customers. Specifically, it argues that paying MobileMe customers experienced ‘devastating consequences,’ and that Apple should have been better prepared for the transition.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Apple lawyer: “Your honor, even Paul Thurrott calls Apple’s iCloud the best consumer-oriented cloud computing service he’s ever seen.”

Judge: “Who the hell is Paul Thurrott?” After a long explanation from the Apple lawyer, the judge bangs down his gavel and proclaims, “Case closed!”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom Paine” for the heads up.]

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  1. And after 25 years of Microsoft Windows and Office, not a single lawsuit for economic damages resulting from crashing Windows, borked Word and Powerpoint documents (always right before a big deadline), and infections via Internet Exploder?

    On the one hand, this is unreasonable since all software and services have disclaimers to cover “damages.”

    On the other hand, this means users hold Apple to higher standards and are far more demanding that things actually work.

  2. Maybe those “customers” should have read the instructions on migrating from MobileMe to iCloud properly. FWIW, I had zero problems as did all of my Mac-owning friends and clients.

    What a bunch of fscking idiots! Dickheads like this couldn’t wipe their own arses without covering the entire bathroom with shite. I’m amazed these people can even walk in a straight line, or perhaps they sue their local council every time they walk into a lamppost.


    1. Mobilme has worked *flawlessly* for me and my wife – *always.

      The transition on *all* our Apple devices went *flawlessly* – even on the Macs not running Lion.

      Not ONE of my friends (and they are *all* Apple users now) had any problems whatsoever.

      You are clearly a troll and Apple Hater (with capital H).


      1. I call bullshit sir. You lie. It’s been shitty but even WORSE for those few of us that still have emails from mobile me. You’re making it up.

        1. MobileMe has worked VERY well for me and for my business. I’m VERY disappointed that Apple currently plans to eliminate iDisk and hoping one of the “surprises” that Apple will unveil at WWDC in June will be some kind of replacement for that functionality (file format-neutral cloud storage and sharing). In fact, I’m hoping that Apple goes beyond that to fulfill the unrealized promise of the beta to support meaningful cloud collaboration. While I love MOST things about Apple products and services, it is BEYOND PATHETIC that they currently offer nothing for collaboration. I expect that the new, enhanced iCloud API’s in Mountain Leopard will permit true collaborative features in iWork ’12, shortly to be released.

        2. Whatever, I have a account and never had an issue with converting over, sure maybe you had but then again under the circumstance of different setups may cause issues if you don’t read the full instructions how to properly setup your accounts with iCloud.

          With all the haters running around who knows what bull is being made up due to Apple Hate.

          Move on.

        3. MobileMe worked flawlessly for me as does iCloud. This includes family members that started with a ID and those with just

    2. MobileMe has been a clusterfsck

      I’m sorry if it was a FAIL for you. MobileMe was great for me! I didn’t mind paying [the discounted Amazon price] at all! I’m sorry to lose so much of its functionality with iCloud! But basic iCloud is free and there are plenty of cheap alternatives to what was lost. The bleeding edge never stops its progress…

  3. My god this is ridiculous…

    So, every time I buy a product and it doesn’t meet my expectations, I’m going to file a class-action lawsuit. Hmmm… maybe I’m picky, but I could probably find something wrong with about every product I buy. Off to court I go!!!

  4. Though not completely happy with migrating from MobileMe to iCloud, Apple has given more than abundant methods and time to easily migrate.

    Danyelle Comer lawsuit=FAIL

  5. Well this clown may not have a case but Apple DID botch it. I want to hook my phone into iCloud – it says pick a ID. I put in my existing mobile me ID and it’s already taken. Wtf. No option? I have to make a new one. Apple duct up BIG time on this.

  6. Paul Thurrott’s comments are 18 months ago when there was great promise for iCloud. Since then – nothing from Apple while multiple other cloud services are rockin’. Steve himself apologized for MobileMe at the launch of iCloud where he promised it would “just work” when answering his own question: “you guys are the ones that gave us MobileMe, why should we trust you now?” We’re still waiting – anyone in Cupertino listening?

  7. My personal experience, and the experience of EVERY friend and co-worker on MobileME was disastrous; Apple did a CRAP job of this, much of which has to do with amateurishly-awful backend database design and programming involving e-mail addresses and Apple IDs. They screwed it up, then they screwed it up some more, THEN they made it even worse. Hopelessly clueless.

  8. Geez! I had a lousy time transitioning from MobileMe to iCloud. But it was all just ‘Version 1.0 Syndrome’ stuff, entirely typical.

    Was the messy transition worth a lawsuit? NO FRICKIN’ WAY! Poor baby users go ‘WHA WHA!’ and wet their diapers. Deal with it! This is the state of the art, like it or not!

  9. I’ve been a .mac/mobile me/icloud customer since the first day that .mac was introduced. Like many, I experienced challenges during the first couple go weeks of the mobile me transition but have had no other problems. If you read the information provided at the announcement of the iCloud services you knew what to expect and a year to get ready. If you needed a specific service that was being dropped you had plenty of time to look for alternative solutions. I fail to see how Apple has done anything less than their duty in supporting us, the users.

  10. Let me state from the beginning I love Apple, but Apple products aren’t perfect. It amazes me that any time someone voices legitimate criticism about any Apple product, they’re immediately labeled an “Apple Hater.” This said, I take issue with those who claim that switching to iCloud has been a smooth and trouble free experience. I have an original MacBook Pro, running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. While my transition to iCloud went smoothly, the transition from MobileMe – with which I “never” had any issues or problems – to iCloud was and has been less than enjoyable. Why? Very simple, I now have to log onto the Internet to access iCloud to use e-mail that has next to no functionality other than sending and receiving. iCloud e-mail use on my MacBook Pro has been reduced to an e-mail service reminiscent of the mid-1980s. For those of you who want to “poo-poo” those of us who have had less than pleasant experiences with the iCloud transition, remember that not everyone will experience the same quality of service based on a number of factors, such as model of Mac, operating system, and so on. There is no perfect world, and this includes Apple.

  11. Yes the migration was a bit complicated/confusing ( for me). Yes some features changed or would be come obsolete. I managed to get through it with little to no real problem. My world didn’t collapse. I got my emeails, and sent them too. One thing I did rememeber was when my mobileme was about to cancel, because of the migration, Apple had extended new paid services to me as an option to enjoy, free of charge for a whole year ( i think a whole year longer… whatever the duration was it was past my account expiration date and the fact that the value was more then a yearly membership floored me because I wasnt expecting , demanding, or hoping for such a great present by Apple). I wish I remember better what all I got, but these loosers got the same I am sure, but are so busy crying how the world owes them. No one owes anyone anything! No email provider owes you emails. Its electronic, anything can cause a problem and no isp or email provider is at fault.
    Apple should start suing people who pull this kind of shit for being a nuissance, and for costing Apple in legal fees.
    If Apple is hell-bent on making such huge changes ( mobileme->iCloud… there is a good reason, and I, Joe Le Consumeur, don’t need to know why… I trust Apple to know its a good thing.)

  12. I’m starting to think that all these really RETARED and IQ FREE law suits are submitted by Apple haters to irritate Apple and groups dedicated to cause irritation for Apple probably Google and Samsung employees. Maybe even sponsored secretly by those companies. Because otherwise how can these stupid suits about the smalles thing always be filed. Who in their right mind would put energy and money into suits like this, against any company…? It boggles my mind.

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