Ten possible designs for Apple’s next-gen 4-inch iPhone

“Since the early week of May, tech giant Apple Inc. was already in the news due to its efforts to secure the ownership of iPhone5.com through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),” Akansha Srivastava reports for Mobile & Apps. “And recently, reports have emerged, confirming Apple’s win in the dispute over the domain, and now iPhone5.com is being held by brand protection agency Corporation Service Company, which may have been used by Apple to take ownership.”

“This definitely hints at the fact that Apple will call its next smartphone as the highly rumored – iPhone 5,” Srivastava reports. “However, the dispute does not confirm that Apple will name its next-generation smartphone ‘iPhone 5.'”

Srivastava reports, “Whatever Apple is going to name its next generation iPhone, technically it will be the sixth model of iPhone released by Apple. The recent rumors and speculations in the run up to release have confirmed that Apple will follow the 4-inch screen strategy for its next iPhone.”

10 best possible designs attempting to envision what the Apple’s next iPhone might look like in the full article here.


  1. Well, the Magic Mouse iPhone looks pretty but I see some problems with its design. 1) if you lay it on a desk and try to interact with it, it will wobble around. 2) how do you charge it?

    All the other designs are just really ugly.

    I’m happy with my 4S, but I look forward to seeing what Mr. Ive comes up with.

    1. My breakdown

      #1. Like the design, HATE the android box at top of the screen… no thanks. (do Like the T-Mobile as carrier lol)
      #2 I’d buy.
      #3 looks like a smaller iPad. 50/50 on it.
      #4 WTF???..
      #5 Nice design 😉 but the media would have a heart attack.
      #6 Widescreen Nano. meh.
      #7. sign me up!
      #8 Reminds me of Android phones.. Not sold on it. Potential maybe.
      #9 Burn it.
      #10 See #5 above.

  2. The only interesting thing in this article is the first image in the linked article, but only the front view showing the screen. This is how I said Apple should do an iPhone with a 4-inch screen (a few months ago), without causing usability issues and minimizing platform fragmentation.

    It shows that in vertical orientation, when most people hold (and often use) the iPhone with only ONE hand, the user experience will be nearly identical to the current iPhone. This is because the “interactive” portion of the screen, below the FaceBook status “banner” shown in the image, is identical in size and shape to the current iPhone. The top area (above the app icons) is mainly for displaying useful information and does not need to be touched by the user. The user can decide (with a user preference setting) what status information gets displayed there. Existing apps would work fine with no modification (for the vertical orientation), because the area that the app uses on the screen is identical to previous iPhones.

    For horizontal orientation (not shown in image), when most people hold and use the iPhone with BOTH hands, the entire screen is used for display AND interaction. A wider screen would greatly enhance video playback and gaming. This would require a new “widescreen” mode, and developers would need to add support for it (or not), which is what happened with the Retina Display. Older apps (and new apps that do not support widescreen mode) would work fine with no modification, centered on the wider screen leaving black columns along the left and right edges.

    Four-inch screen… without the usability issues, minimal platform fragmentation. As for the “teardrop” side profile, that’s NOT going to happen. 🙂

    1. exactly!

      I picked up a samesung galaxy player 5 a few weeks back $219 retail… I paid about $35.. 😉
      Wanted it to screw with android etc.

      HUGE screen compared to iPhone, but it’s NOT a one hand screen… You can contort the crap out of your hand and make it a one hand screen. But not comfortable at all. Same size as the samesung note. Which I actually saw one in the wild… I tried not to laugh at the guy. (no I couldn’t hold back, I did laugh at him)

      1. Not to defend the Galaxy or Android, but do you laugh at those in the wild who holds iPads up to taking photos?

        Those people do look rather silly for now but the device maker isn’t what you laugh over. Its the size you act on. The more you become you see this in the wild you will become desensitized and realize things are changing.

        As a phone size I agree… but these are smartphones right – pocket computing.

        1. I see landscapers and house painters using the camera on the iPad to take pictures all the time.
          the guy I was laughing at, was a short guy with small hands. when he pulled it out to use the screen he had both thumbs reaching to type on the screen. he gave up and pulled the stylus out, held the “phone” in the palm and started the hunt/peck with the stylus. the whole thing was funny.

          after all, this is a “phone”.
          reminds me of the 80’s brick phones.

    1. And Jony boys’ design will not be much different from what these samples all have – they all are very similar. There is only so much minimalism you can take things.

      iPhone 4s is a unique and beautiful design that is the starting point from which the design will be refined. Slimmer, longer, different materials and perhaps bendable one day. The changes rely on reasoning not on pure aesthetics.

      Alterations of iPhone4s will be far more beneficial economically and visually. The device itself is an icon. There will not be big changes. Enough said.

  3. The last one, the Fuse Chicken design, is the only one that is in any way convincing, and it won’t be that thin, unless the nano-wire battery technology is further developed than anyone thought..

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