“Apple’s transition from MobileMe to iCloud brings the promise of centralized, cloud-based storage for all your important data,” Chris Foresman reports for Ars Technica.

“Unfortunately, the transition hasn’t been smooth for all users,” Foresman reports. “Aside from Apple’s servers being overloaded with MobileMe account transitions, some are having issues reconciling Apple’s assumption that every user has a unique Apple ID and that every Apple ID is used for just one person.”

Foresman reports, “People who never used MobileMe and only ever used one Apple ID for iTunes purchases appear to be experiencing a completely smooth transition to iCloud. We haven’t heard of any serious complaints from users in this scenario. It’s the users with more than one Apple ID, users who have shared an Apple ID with family members, and users transitioning from MobileMe, however, who have reported a variety of problems making the jump to the cloud.”

“Despite the annoyance, some careful planning and a little patience can solve the problems for many users,” Foresman reports. “It’s definitely best to keep in mind that iCloud works best when each user has a unique Apple ID. There is still no fix for those who would like to merge multiple Apple IDs into one, but after talking with support staff, it looks like Apple might still be working on a solution.”

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