Five CEOs who should have already been fired

Adam Hartung, writing for Forbes, takes a look at five CEOs, “frequently honored for their position” who “control of resources and personal wealth, are doing horrific damage to their companies, hurting investors, employees, suppliers and the communities that rely on their organizations. They should have been fired long before this week.”

Five CEOs who should have already been fired:

5. John Chambers, Cisco Systems
4. Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric
3. Mike Duke, WalMart
2. Edward Lampert, Sears Holdings

1 – Steve Ballmer, Microsoft: Without a doubt, Mr. Ballmer is the worst CEO of a large publicly traded American company today. Not only has he singlehandedly steered Microsoft out of some of the fastest growing and most lucrative tech markets (mobile music, handsets and tablets) but in the process he has sacrificed the growth and profits of not only his company but “ecosystem” companies such as Dell, Hewlett Packard and even Nokia. The reach of his bad leadership has extended far beyond Microsoft when it comes to destroying shareholder value – and jobs.

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MacDailyNews Take: No, no, no! Steve Ballmer is doing an excellent job! We like his strategy. We like it a lot.


    1. Steve Ballmer is a Psychopath.
      Tired of being in Apples shadow of success he rants and has these tantrums. Why invest in Microsoft they sold their crap to the world and let the Eastern builders take handle of where computing was going. If thats America and how to do business – success if doomed then.

  1. Quick, take Balmers name off the list and add Dimon’s in his place. Balmers doing a really great job……Dimon’s is the new antichrist.

    Shit, is it to late to get that changed?

  2. LET’S not forget the one that touches most of us EVERY DAY…. Jamie Dimon….. Purveyor of most things that will be the undoing of the world’s economy…

  3. Yeah, John Chambers, the man who destroyed Cisco. I remember standing in a Fry’s checkout line behind him on June 19, 2000, when he was muttering away about how gloomy the future looked. I called my broker and sold it hours before its peak of $69.00 the next day. I made a killing. The stock took such a dive that a year later it was hovering around $18 and the first of many layoffs had been completed. Today’s close was at $16.71, about what i paid for a bunch of stock 15 years ago.

    1. And the stocks will feed the people and life will be good.
      Its gambling in the commodities of the world. There will be winners and usually more losers. When you lose lets see how life is for you. Your stock investments one day will take you on a spiral ride down… and when you look up don’t ask why. You got yourself to blame. Enjoy the ride for now. After all you are what matter most in the world right.

      Money talk makes me sick. Greed. You made a wise move and yeah I’m happy for you. You made a gain at the right time. That is means what for you? Helps the world to be a better place. What your intelligence and timing is superior? Talking money is like talking about your sexual triumphs. Its boastful and pointless. Shows how shallow you are.

      You were in line with him. He was talking to himself… and if you happened not to be there that day… you would have been sucked down to where the prices started 15 years ago when you bought in. Losing nothing but gained nothing. Thats called luck. Or someone up above had given you that one opportunity to pullout completely but once a gamblier the addiction is for life.
      Learn to live, life not ride it.

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