Analysts: Apple shares won’t be ripe until autumn

“Apple’s shares are down about 7 percent over the past month, but analysts don’t see a reversal any time soon,” Jennifer Leigh Parker reports for CNBC. “‘I think the stock’s going to range down for the next couple of months because investors really don’t have anything to get excited about this quarter,’ said Sanford Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi. ‘There’s no new product likely until the September-October time frame, which is the iPhone 5.'”

“Sacconaghi does acknowledge Apple’s strength, warning investors not to be ‘too cute’ with the stock, because ‘it’s a great fundamental long-term story,'” Parker reports. “In the short term, however, another analyst has a ‘hold’ rating on the stock. In the same interview, Colin Gillis, tech analyst for BCG Financial, said he’s ‘concerned about Apple going lower before it goes higher.'”

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  1. Apple is about to disrupt the laptop computing market, and will release iOS6 and OSX Mountain Lion. There is a tremendous amount of institutional cash on the sidelines waiting to play after the May 19 options expiration.

    1. I understand that in 6 weeks we will also enter the quarter that mutual funds that can only invest in dividend bearing stocks will be in the mix buying Apple stock. Even Apple starts buying AAPL shares next quarter.

      Buying is what drives stocks up. People sold to get cash for the FaceBook IPO this week. Not much of an analyst. If you are stepping out now, you are late. Now is the time to buy AAPL on the cheep! Also, this is when graduates and universities start buying for this fall. Apple MacBooks and iPads are all they want. Again, not much of an analyst!

    2. All bad for this quarter. Maybe good news for next quarter, but probably not. So this quarter will be weak due to public awareness of upcoming Mac refresh (maybe). Next quarter will be weak due to rumors of iPhone update. Stock is probably down until late summer. We now have a stock that moves 100 points up and down from quarter to quarter. Investors are being chased out of the stock being replaced by speculators and traders

  2. This type of talk honestly doesn’t bode well for Apple shareholders if it’s true that the stock is only being traded on excitement. I guess we might as well consider Apple’s fundamentals practically useless. I’ve really lost sight as what is considered to be a good investment after listening to all the various theories of why Apple is so greatly undervalued or overvalued.

    All I know for a fact is that Apple’s share price is slipping daily, no matter what and eventually that big run-up will not be so big, anymore. That the stock is going lower before it’s going higher seems rather obvious. Apple’s last blowout quarter has been effectively wiped away and the P/E further compressed.

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