Why most of Apple’s German lawsuits have been stayed (the latest one today)

“This morning, just before the Mannheim Regional Court announced an order to continue its analysis of a Motorola complaint against Microsoft over a push notification patent (a patent that is already being enforced against Apple), yet another German Apple lawsuit was unsurprisingly stayed pending resolution of a parallel revocation proceeding before the Federal Patent Court,” Florian Mueller writes for FOSS Patents. “In the latest Apple action to be stayed, the intellectual property right at issue is a utility model that, among other things, cover “pinch to zoom”: German Utility Model (‘Gebrauchsmuster’) No. DE 21 2008 000 001).”

“For the most part, the high rate of stays affecting Apple’s German lawsuits is due to Apple’s litigation strategy… It would be a mistake to equate a stay to a dismissal. Even though time is of the essence, it’s possible that the dispute between Apple and Samsung will take a couple more years to be resolved,” Mueller writes. “Any of the stayed cases can be resumed if Apple’s asserted intellectual property rights are affirmed.”

Tons more in the full article here.

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