Woz admits he doesn’t have broadband at home

“Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has stunned a business forum in Perth with a personal admission that no one saw coming,” Adelaide Now reports.

“Answering a question on Australia’s $36 billion national broadband network (NBN), the American computer wizard and engineer let it be known he didn’t have broadband internet at his home in Los Gatos, California,” Adelaide Now reports. “‘I don’t have broadband at my home,’ Mr Wozniak said, to much surprise in the audience. ‘I, Steve Wozniak, don’t have broadband at my home.'”

Adelaide Now reports, “‘I live one kilometre out of the main part of town,’ he explained. ‘Broadband is a monopoly in my town – that means you can get it from a cable company, but I don’t have cable. There are 50 companies that want to sell me DSL, but they’ve all got to go through the Horizon wires – the local phone company – and I’ve got one of the two worst Horizons in the country. And so I can’t get broadband in my house.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: What about Woz’s iPad Wi-Fi + 4G? The U.S. National Broadband Plan, unveiled March 16, 2010, describes “broadband” as “actual download speeds of at least 100 megabits per second and actual upload speeds of at least 50 megabits per second.” The iPad 4G in the U.S. tests at around 10-40Mbps down and 7-19Mbps on AT&T and Verizon, so by the The U.S. National Broadband Plan’s definition, Woz wouldn’t have “broadband” (wirelessly) at home even if his iPad Wi-Fi + 4G was within 4G LTE coverage area.


    1. Woz knows more at 3am when he is unconscious after binge drinking than you when awake at noon bolstered with coffee and energy drinks.

      STFU and GTFO

      1. I’m with you, KilerCat. Undeniably, Woz has been injudicious in his observations and opinions about Apple in the past, but he is still co-founder of the most innovative, most successful, most valuable company on earth. He is certainly much more knowledgable and insightful than “breeze.”

    1. Death before Dial-up! I am to use to the speed to go back and the frustration level would be through the roof.
      I would think Woz could set up a long range wifi connection if not a direct T1 connection to his home. There is another reason he does not have a “broad band” connection.

  1. It sounds like he’s framing it to say we don’t have a good broadband infrastructure here in the US (true), but at the same time, it must not be too big of an issue because he chose where to live. I don’t have broadband at home because I choose to live in rural Ohio. The latter outweighs the former for me. YMMV.

    1. I wouldn’t consider T-1 to be broadband any more. Isn’t a T-1 line only 1.5mbps. At least it was when my school district had a single T-1 line to each school in the district. A 4G hot spot from Verizon would be at least as fast and much, much cheaper.

  2. if Woz really wanted Broadband at his home, I am sure he has enough $$ to get fiber run directly to his house and have more bandwidth than he knows what do with..

  3. I totally agree ! I also live in a small town and don’t have broadband, but the choice to live where i can see the dark sky is mine, it would be nice to have broadband ….. But if I lived in the city I’d miss the bright stars more than the broadband. (again my choice, to each his own)

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