A free way to give your Mac’s mouse or trackpad a dozen new features

“Apple taught the masses how to gesture. The iPhone and iPad are touch-based devices, yes, and work just fine with gestures,” Tera Thomas O’Brien reports for Tera Talks.

“Even the Mac’s built-in trackpad or Magic Mouse can handle a few finger flipping gestures to navigate and scroll,” O’Brien reports. “If you’re not convinced that gestures are the future way to control our gadgets, check out MagicPrefs.”

O’Brien reports, “This free Mac app brings over a dozen new functions, features, and gestures to your Mac experience. From the Mac’s Menubar you get options for Magic Mouse and trackpad and Magic Trackpad that go way beyond Apple’s certified list of features.”

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      1. It is not safe to use such gestures while cycling, so the loud foul language must still be employed, as was the case I witnessed the last time I was in NYC, such a cyclist yelling to warn a little old lady crossing the street to “get the #@*! out of my way, *‡&%”.

  1. Been using MagicPrefs for the past year; can’t imagine not having it now. Benefits the Magic Mouse in particular, which for simplicity seems to have had its number if gestures limited by default.

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