Apple extends MobileMe subscribers’ free 20GB of iCloud storage until September 30th

“As Apple gears up to shutter its MobileMe service next month, the company has extended its offer of an additional 20GB of free storage in iCloud until September 30, 2012,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple offered MobileMe subscribers the additional iCloud storage last year in an effort to convince customers to switch over from the sunset service,” Ong reports. “Users also received a free subscription to MobileMe until June 30, 2012, the service’s last day”

Ong reports, “After September, former MobileMe customers can either pay to keep the storage or downgrade to the free 5GB iCloud plan.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. First the copy of snow leopard..
    Now extending the 20gb..

    Must be a lot of people still mad at apple.
    Personally I have no problems with lion or iCloud. Only thing I’ll miss is iDisk right now. But dropbox will work for me.

  2. Forget those free storage services. Who knows if these services protect and respect your privacy. I use Airport Extreme to do the same thing.

      1. A HDD attached to an AE or a Time Capsule can certainly be used to share data. But I believe that a more robust approach is to invest in a NAS. Properly configured in terms of RAID, a NAS will provide superior security and performance. However, you will still need some type of remote/offsite backup to truly protect your data from fire, theft, etc.

    1. The whole purpose of cloud storage is access anywhere. Airport Extreme won’t provide that… Unless you have set-up a VPN or use remote desktop software. Each with their own cost, complexity, and security issues.

  3. I signed up for iTunes Match, and I still come out ahead by $74 per year over the old Mobile Me.

    One difference is that there will be no “iDisk” access to that 5GB of online storage. It was cool to be able to mount and access the online storage space like a local hard drive or server volume, although I personally did not use it enough to make it a major loss.

    I helped someone set up his new iPad a few days ago. Actually, there was nothing to it. He already had iCloud set up from his Mac. Just “log in” on iPad using Apple ID, and all of the iCloud shared data is just there. No more need to connect iOS device to Mac and sync (back up), not even once. iCloud makes iOS devices into “peer” computers of Macs and PCs, not dependent “underlings.” Now, someone can really use an iPad (or even iPhone) as their only computer.

  4. I’m just annoyed that:
    1. iCloud isn’t available for older computers meaning that without MobileMe my G5 server will go offline.
    2. iCloud doesn’t offer everything that MobileMe does meaning that things I rely on will go dark (family calendar sharing, keychain sync, etc).
    3. From what I’ve read iCloud doesn’t work reliably. I still don’t know why I still read stories about iCloud not syncing properly.

    1. Your first point is the real issue with me.

      I buy Macs knowing that the hardware is going to keep working for a very long time and it does too. But the trouble is that even though my older Macs are still serviceable, they are now useless because they won’t work with iCloud.

      I would understand it if my old Macs were deemed to be too slow to run demanding video editing apps etc, but syncing a calendar should be possible on all Macs of all ages.

      Why build hardware that lasts for ten years if it will only run Apple software for three years ?

      1. You did not buy a new G5 server three years ago. And your Mac hardware will continue to run Apple software, just not the latest versions of it. If you prefer, you could buy a PC and run Windows XP for a decade or more…

    1. … to convince you to give up your working computer so they can make a profit. MSFT and it’s hardware suppliers have all sorts of software kludges that kick in to slow down or disable older, but still working, systems. Apple doesn’t have that incentive out there. A down-side of being excellent.

  5. The End for me and MacDaily News. From now on I’ll be getting my Mac news elsewhere. I did have MDN on my iGoogle portal page as one of my primary news sources, but the incidental infection of Right Wing BS that slathers its way onto these pages is finally just too much for me to stomach. One only need compare Bush/Cliinton/Bush to know that the Right has absolutely NO clue how to run a government and I certainly don’t want them telling me what I can do in my own home and bedroom. It’s not like MDN is running articles to that effect, but the posts from that intentional moron Limbaugh who is feted here and the accompanying clueless supply-sider braying that goes along with it has made me realize there is simply no reason for me to continue to read MDN. buh bye (I’m sure I won’t be missed!) Woo-Hoo!
    Atlanta, GA

    1. Bu-bye.

      Good luck finding a news aggregator with a comments section where everyone agrees with you.

      Personally, I think it would be boring if no one had a different opinion, but to each his own.

    2. Joe,

      I know you left wingers aren’t used to there finally being an option to your liberal media stations. I’m sorry the world is no longer ignorant to you leftist agenda. that must suck.

      Go find Keith Oberman. You guys can hang. He’s not busy.

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