Electronic Arts to throw kill switch on iOS Rock Band on May 31st

“Discovered earlier today by Reddit users, publisher Electronic Arts is remotely deactivating all iOS Rock Band installs on May 31,” iPodNN reports. “The developer of the game, Harmonix Music Systems, says it is unaware of the reasoning behind Electronic Arts’ shutdown of the game, which relies on no external server support to function. A different version of Rock Band, Rock Band Reloaded, released in December of 2010, is unaffected by the discontinuation of the original title.”

iPodNN reports, “Rock Band isn’t the first title Electronic Arts has orphaned, but it is the first it has terminated. The original iOS release of Sim City was discontinued, but was allowed to continue functioning. Tetris was yanked off the iTunes App Store in favor of a completely new version that customers would have to repurchase for further upgrades. The original Rock Band title released in 2009 is the first application outright terminated by Electronic Arts.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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      1. Sorry. I know it’s a “non-exclusive, limited licence” to use the software. I guess my question was are we purchasing a perpetual licence, or are the publishers of App Store software free to restrict the time period at will? (and apparently retro-actively!)

      2. Yes, you purchased the right. They don’t have the right to just reach into your phone/device and disable a self contained app.

        The kill switch is to stop trojan horses and other malware or to stop bad code that can cause damage to your other data.

        Good to hear that EA is now backtracking and saying the messages was an error.

    1. There are many ways of doing this without screwing over the customers who did purchase the app.

      If this is a “response” to pirates, it’s the stupidest thing they could possibly do. This response will probably not affect pirates as they’ll disable the kill switch.

      To add even more insult, the app is still available in the store, with no warning that purchasers will only have a month before it’s killed.

  1. “Requiring server support…”, says it all. They are after data. They are probably mining your data while you’re connected to their server. Data Mining, continued insistence on paid upgrades, and selling your data to other advertisers is their new business model.

  2. Electronic Arts now says that players will be able to keep playing the iOS version of Rock Band, and that the in-app message telling them otherwise was an error.

    1. Shut up. The Mass Effect series has been great. Not their fault you didn’t like the ending. I didn’t hate it. I was disappointed. I was expecting some horrible ending, but it never came.

  3. For everyone out there that doesn’t know already… THIS is one of the reasons people hate EA and refuse to give them money anymore..

    in their Origin software ToS, it flat out states they WILL data mine your info and sell it…

    Only one example of EA’s BS moves.
    SWTOR is the only game i Own that has anything to do with EA.
    and thats only cause of Bioware and SW. It pains me to see that EA logo…

    Now if the post above is true, EA screwed up and all is ok.. Well that would be a first that EA apologized for anything.

  4. EA is really a nasty company.

    I cite how badly the wrecked BOGGLE for iPhone and there is no way to contact them for support or to roll back to a pre- EA version.

    If users of Rock Band are unhappy, the bad news is there is nothing to do for it, no one to talk with or email, just move on to a better company.

    It is hard for me to accept that Apple doesn’t ban them from the app store!!!

    1. If you use a mac and use time machine, you can roll back to an earlier version of an appby going into your time machine backups and copy the file into your itunes apps directory.

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