Rare video of Steve Jobs as Franklin Roosevelt surfaces

“Entitled ‘1944,’the almost 9-minute full version was Apple’s in-house takeoff on ‘1984,’ the iconic first Macintosh TV ad that caused a sensation during that year’s Super Bowl,” Paul McNamara reports for Network World.

“Set as a World War II tale of good vs. IBM, it is a broadcast-quality production (said to have cost $50,000) that was designed to fire up Apple’s international sales force at a 1984 meeting in Hawaii,” McNamara reports. “A copy of ‘1944’ was provided to me by one-time Apple employee Craig Elliott, now CEO of Pertino Networks, a cloud-computing startup located two blocks from Apple in Cupertino.”

McNamara reports, “Elliott, who worked at Apple from 1985 to 1996, says he has “never seen (the film) anywhere else” and that there has been ‘no additional circulation’ as far as he knows.”

1944: Steve Jobs as Franklin Roosevelt
1944: Steve Jobs as Franklin Roosevelt

Read more – and watch the video – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Steve’s eyebrow raising made us smile.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Another Irish Dude” and “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. -Colonel: “One more thing: Let us never forget the glorious victories of the past: World War I, World War II, ][+, ][e, and ][c”

    -One soldier to another: “What about III”
    -Second Soldier: “We don’t talk about III”

    Shit happens®, everywhere…

  2. I like how the headline says “rare”. Does that mean that there aren’t many like this? I hope this is the ONLY video of Jobs as Roosevelt!

  3. Wow – Fun to watch but I can understand why it was never released to the public. I am surprised that they were able to keep it under wraps for almost 30 years.

    Now if they can only free us from that Flash tyranny.

  4. I had to get this story/link to MDN.
    Well done Lava_Head_UK for spotting it too.

    Cheezy in parts, funny in a geek kinda way and bold in its long term goal and objectives.

    A must see for any Apple fan.

    Ps: Steve’s eyebrow raising made me smile as well…

  5. At 7:30 in, it looks like a scene from Cornell University with Cornell Information Technology forcing staff to use poorly working Dell’s and MIcrosloth Outlook. Some Mac users went to a Outlook/Entourage meeting and complained how lousy Outlook/Entourage and the PC servers function (Calendering and eMail is frequently buggy on co-workers PC’s). The Microsoft rep told them: “This is the way of the world, deal with it.” (This guy also told them he had forbid Apple products in his home for 8 years, until his family rebelled and bought them anyway.) But Bill Gates paid for a very large tech building at Cornell so it is certain most workers will be stuck with Dells, using half functioning, buggy Microsloth software and discouraged use of Apple products. Big donations talk louder than actual worker productivity. Some workers take assignments home to complete because they can do it twice as fast on a home Mac vs the office Duh-ell.

  6. “Rare video of Steve Jobs as Franklin Roosevelt surfaces”.

    Franklin Roosevelt has surfaced?! Was he buried on a fault line?

    Grammar matters, people.

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