The decline of Android foretells the rise of a total Apple monopoly

“We have always built and destroyed monopolies. Companies often start out good but slowly turn, for lack of a better word, evil. The twin dark stars of profit and market share bring even the kindest companies into a collision course with failure,” Matt Burns writes for TechCrunch. “I’d say Apple is headed down that road.”

“A dive at wireless carrier’s financials shows that the iPhone accounted for a whopping 59% of smartphone sales in the U.S. last quarter.,” Burns writes. “The iPhone 4S downright crushed a league of new Android flagship handsets. Android is faltering at the hands of the iPhone. Apple is on pace per some analysts to be the first trillion dollar company in history and will do so on the back of a trivial amount of products and services.”

MacDailyNews Take: It isn’t the amount of products and services that matters, it’s the impact and quality of said products and services.

Burns writes, “Apple’s success is made possible by keeping things simple… There isn’t a better universal smartphone on the market. This isn’t open for discussion and the numbers prove it. Smartphones are now outselling less expensive feature phones with the iPhone as the number one seller. That states above all else that consumers overwhelmingly prefer Apple’s take on mobile phones. And for good reason. I’m downright fed up with Android. Others must be with me. I’m ready to jump ship to the iPhone after being an Android user since the original Droid. Updates aren’t regular or useful and the vast fragmentation in hardware causes apps to be very inconsistent in quality. The only thing holding me back is Android’s workflow allowed by homescreen widgets. But the average consumer doesn’t care about workflow nonsense. They want a phone that works and they’re choosing the iPhone. And the iPad.”

“As dominating as the iPhone is to the mobile phone market, the iPad is even more so to the tablet market,” Burns writes. “It’s hard to imagine a future without Apple. Per a study released today, 33% of American households already own an Apple product. The iOS behemoth will not be stopped. Android’s needless fragmentation and constant infighting will ensure that. The iPad will slowly morph into the de facto personal computing device. There will still be alternatives. Android and Windows will not completely go away, but Apple’s massive cash reserves will allow it to sway markets and assert unquestionable power. Apple could, if it really wanted, cut the price of the iPad in half and absorb the losses.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In the United States of America, it is not illegal to build a monopoly (it is, in fact, the ultimate goal). It’s only illegal to abuse a monopoly position. Ask Microsoft about the distinction.

Apple, which, by the way, does not have a monopoly position in any market, deserves their tremendous success and their patented innovations deserve to be protected from theft. If they ever do attain a monopoly position in any market and abuse it, Apple certainly would deserve punishment. Unless that happens, go, Apple, go!

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    1. So, now Apple is Doomed … Doomed to “slowly turn, for lack of a better word, evil”.

      Still, that’s a step up from Doomed to a Vanishing Market Share.

      What, oh what will these writers do when Apple has Total Rule? – Form a bloody resistance movement? !!!

      The woodshed for these clowns.

    2. “Who’s paying these clowns?”

      Most likely Microsoft and Google, which makes the dire warnings of Apple becoming an evil monopoly pretty hilariously ironic.

  1. He just had to throw in the sales minded nonsense at the end didn’t he?

    The workflow widgets was a bit embarrassing as well. Sounds like someone who spends more time and money setting up different ways to stay organized than actually doing things.

    That’s an Android user for you!

    1. Hey, that reminds me of me when I was in sales.

      I hated sales, and sucked at it. But, I had the neatest desk and the most perfectly arranged files in the business. I would do anything to stay at the office and hang with the “guys.” LOL

  2. Do they wake up every morning and try to dream up some negative thing about Apple? Anything Apple is sure to get attention, especially negative stuff.

    One of the worst impediments to human progress is the proclivity to accept assumptions unsupported by evidence.

    1. Care to explain why you think Apple has a monopoly on iOS apps?

      I think you’re mistaken monopoly with ownership. Apple owns iOS and the AppStore from which apps are purchased/downloaded.

      A monopoly is having a vast majority share of a particular market. Microsoft with desktop operating systems, Google with search/online advertising.

      The difference between that and ownership, is that without Microsoft there is still a desktop operating system market and without Google there is still online advertising.

      Without Apple, there is no iOS, no AppStore, and no iOS apps. That’s ownership, not a monopoly. A company cannot have a monopoly over its own products, and services, they own and control all those things.

      Apple has a near monopoly with digital music, digital music players and tablet computers, and near monopsony on flash memory.

  3. Writing requires scheduled delivery of creative word count. Sadly, and with alarming precedent, literary content supersedes comprehension for compensation.

  4. Microsoft bought it’s way out of a breakup by campaign contributions to the Republican Party and Bush Campaign in Y2K. Bush replaced the lawyers and settled after Clinton’s DoJ had nailed Microsoft to the wall.

    One more steaming pile courtesy of the Rethugnican Party- appointed by the 5 Republican Supremes that overruled a State Supreme Court without standing.

  5. I keep telling u people. It’s the goofy widgets that people like and buy Androids for.

    No clue why there can’t be any on iOS, or why we can’t have more than 20 items in a folder. Now there are 600,000 apps in the apps store and we can only have 20 items in a folder.

    Maybe Android is an option after all.

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