Apple’s Mac App Store hits 10,000 apps milestone

“Apple’s official Mac App Store for OS X reportedly crossed the five-figure mark this week, as the digital storefront now has more than 10,000 applications available,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“The achievement was noted on Friday by French Apple site MacGeneration, which uses its own tracking system to analyze App Store content. According to their data, the milestone was reached, although Apple has not publicly announced it,” Marsal reports. “The Mac App Store launched in early 2011 with more than 1,000 applications.”

Marsal reports, “To date, Lion remains the most popular and highest grossing paid application available on the Mac App Store.”

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    1. Anybody else old enough to remember when anti-Mac people dismissed the platform by saying “There’s just not that much software available for it.”?

      Now, if someone would only make a clock app for iOS…

  1. LION is the “most popular”?

    doubtful…It’s clear that many people did not know what they were getting when they “upgraded”….

    Lion is a daily frustration…so full of bugs it’s incredible it came from Apple, chock full of features that don’t fit or really belong in a desktop OS.

    If you have Lion how often do you use Mission Control or Launchpad? How often does TextEdit crash? Notice that when you use Spotlight unless you have the EXACT name of the file, complete with spaces …you first have to WAIT and the sift through hundreds of completely unrelated files and often have to specify a file type to even get close to finding what you want…on your own system?

    Lion is a JUNK OS…

    1. “If you have Lion how often do you use Mission Control or Launchpad? How often does TextEdit crash? Notice that when you use Spotlight….”

      I haven’t ever used Launchpad, and, yeah, I miss the all-windows function, but I do use Mission Control. I’ve never had TextEdit crash and I use it all the time- it is my default word processor. I’ve never been happy with Spotlight, use EasyFind ever since I found it. What does seem to get bogged down is the Finder, but that’s been a bone of contention almost forever.

    2. Hello Pr,

      By no means am I trying to trivialize your experience with Lion, I am sure it has been very frustrating for you. But my experience has been pure joy. I use Mission Control & Launch Pad everyday, and full screen Apps are wonderful for me. As far as being full of bugs I do not notice any difference from SL to Lion.

    3. Shame… A little angry there buddy…

      I have had a few frustrations with Lion, but nothing like you are describing, spotlight works great and always returns what I am searching for instantly… Spotlight is the sole reason I take my mac into work sometimes, because it allows me to search through masses of specifications for a single key word (e.g. “Heat treatment”) instantly, then preview opens that document with the search field pre populated so I can find the occurrences within the document… Magic!

      I am still not sold on the whole idea of ‘version’ and not using save as – but hey I work with a guy who still thinks text commands are the only way (read: the right way) to operate a PC. Perhaps I’ll get used to this new file system paradigm one day.

      It’s got a few bugs, but it is VERY far from a junk OS.

  2. For me Lion is a love hate relationship. I also hate fanboys who downplay the bugs. I’m a power user, and have used every edition of OS X. Lion has a ton of bugs that are frustrating to deal with. These bugs are wxperienced by others at my office too. I like the quickness of Lion, but I hate how the spinning beach ball shows up everyday. Spotlight is decent but has problems. Lots of little things. And I never use LaunchPad. It’s dumb. And don’t get me started on Lion Server. What a mess. I like it but it’s very buggy and stripped down.

  3. I personally haven’t found the “bugs” that Rydhd has found. I am also a “power user” to boot. No spinning beach ball, etc. I would imagine a power user such as Rydhd should be able to fix such issues since I’m not having any. Call me a fanboy even though this has been my honest experience. I guess anything positive to say is relegated to fanboy by default.

    1. … to continue … comparing Mountain Lion to Windows 7, I do tech support for Macs and Windows and seem to have atrocious issues when it comes to people on Windows systems. Windows 7 is a bag of pain, which benefits me because I make money on fixing other people’s systems. If it wasn’t around and everyone had Macs I’d go broke.

      Viruses and trojans are the main issues I have to tend with when it comes to tech support. Windows 7 and XP is the only system that seems to have these viruses & trojans in my experience.

      So Rydhd… if you’re truly a power user having issues maybe I can help you for I’m doing quite fine with Mountain Lion. Please explain in detail exactly what issues you are having. What are you doing exactly when that beach ball perplexes you?

      1. Let’s hope Mountain Lion will be for Lion what Snow Leopard was for Leopard. I have Lion and in terms of robustness it needs work. Spotlight may be too strict for a smart OS but it is soooooooooo much better and faster than a well indexed Windows 7 machine….

        I have said it before and I will say it again, the truest disappointment is Mail. Worthless piece of crap! Nu when you use it for home use, but if you want a mail to look approximately as you see it for the person you send it to, you nees Outlook on the Mac.

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