SloPro app brings 60 FPS HD video recording to Apple’s iPhone for smooth, professional slow motion

For the first time, iPhone users will be recording HD video at 60 frames per second thanks to an indie dev shop (Sand Mountain Studios) which has figured out how to make the iPhone do what others thought was impossible. The app is called SloPro and it went live in the App Store this morning.

SloPro enables iOS devices to capture video at twice the normal frame rate so they can be played back in slow motion without becoming choppy. The app makes it simple to do and even lets you decide after the fact when you want the video to go in and out of slow motion. Facebook and YouTube uploading is simple as well

“One cool thing about SloPro is that you don’t even have to wait for the video to render to watch it in slow motion”, developer Spencer Smith told MacDailyNews via email. “We realized in testing that this was a must have.” .

More info and download link via Apple’s iTunes App Store (free with an optional $1.99 upgrade for more advanced features) here.


  1. Grrr. App store specs say iPhone 4 is supported, but trying to use the app gives you an error message saying that 60FPS is not supported in iPhone 4, just iPhone 4S. Sorta defeats the purpose…

    1. oh i don’t know…. when you went to the app store and the 2nd paragraph flat out says iPhone 4S…
      when I read the description of the app right there on the app page… it flat out says 4S + SloPro=60FPS

      I picked it up and have been messing with it a bit, pretty good.
      My only “complaint” is the $2 just to save it to iTunes…
      I could care less about facecrap/youtube. Email would be nice, but iTunes raw clip would be perfect.

      Is that worth the $2 for me? time will tell.
      but pretty good interface imo.

  2. 60 fps for the 4s iPhone is stated on the app’s iTunes page. What’s the point offering it on multiple devices if its main feature is available only on one specific phone? Double lame.

    1. I don’t think the iTunes store can just restrict the app by device.
      It’s usually by iOS version. (Could be wrong, but iOS version is normally what I see with restrictions)

  3. Definitely works on iPhone 4 !

    It does ‘warn you’ that it’s not supported (interface a little jumpy), but output is great. Works just fine. Can’t wait to use it this weekend and see what I can create.

  4. The Editing feature (which is great) will work on any iOS device. As some of you have noticed, only the 4S can capture 60fps. We tried for several months to get previous devices to capture at this rate, but were unsuccessful. If you have a 4S, you’ll love the 60fps and the editing/sharing capabilities of the app. If you have any other iOS device, you can still enjoy the editing & easy sharing options the app provides. You can still make some awesome slow motion videos.

      1. this!

        Make it universal and i’ll gladly upgrade to pro.
        you would think the new iPad could do the 60fps.. Granted most people won’t grab the iPad to take video.

      2. Just tried it. App says you need 4S for 60 fps. Will do smo mo but because of frame rate it motion is blurry. Aslo it shows up in iPhone format, so you have to choose 2X for full screen. new iPad 32 GB.

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