Apple heads for all-time largest single-day boost to S&P 500

“Apple’s (AAPL) premarket gains are pointing to what would be the biggest impact ever on the S&P 500, writes Standard & Poor’s index analyst Howard Silverblatt, based on limited historical data,” Brendan Conway reports for Barron’s.

“The gains translate to roughly 5 points in the S&P 500, or 0.39%,” Conway reports. “Meanwhile, that crunching sound you hear is the short squeeze hurting short-term traders who bet against the stock.”

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The Associated Press reports, “Standard & Poor’s 500 futures are gaining 0.63 percent to 1,378.80 and Nasdaq 100 futures are up 2.02 percent at 2,685.75. Nasdaq is getting a big boost from Apple Inc., whose second quarter results topped Wall Street expectations as iPhone sales soared.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bulldozed.

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  1. If there’s one thing we can count on with some certainty, it is this entire pump-and-dump, Chicken Little, Apple is bereft of any hope of continuing this exponential growth “anayst” cluenessness will repeat again at the end of this quarter. And, yes, I expect the wags to start their yammering within a few days. Me? I’m still llong AAPL.

    One funny thing takeaway from yesterday’s CNBC FUD-fest was Joe Terranova being totally flummoxed, flabbergasted, humbled and acknowledging he simply won’t touch AAPL as a trade. He said if you have a bunch of money and want to invest it in Apple, that’s your best play. Gee Joe, ya’ think so?????

  2. The truth is, it can’t last forever. It could last our life times though.

    The current ceiling is 600+ billion, reached by Microsoft in 1999, before they were under Federal attack.

    The vultures and money-mites are all lined up and surrounding Apple now. Interestingly, what they want Apple to do, is evolve a teat or thousands of teats, to feed off freely.

    It seems no matter how successful you are, how honest you are, how angelic you are, you can only be so big, so rich so to say, before misers turn on you. Remember misery loves company, if you are the Adonis of the ages, someone will come from behind and stab you in the back, to make the ugly one’s less ugly.

    There is nothing wrong with Apple. The market manipulation and analysts who put Apple down, disgust me. I am sure a lot of people lost money yesterday.
    I have an idea, Apple should invest in the corporate Space Race. This maybe crazy, but I think they can continue to grow without people trying to devour them, if they put some energy into this. At least it would justify their amassing wealth, for what? The betterment of the human race, to colonize space, make Star Trek a closer reality. It doesn’t mater just say anything they like, build a space port on the coast and launch a few rockets with an Apple logo. Maybe some comm-sats again with Apple logos and lease them out to Dish or DirecTV. (just a silly idea)

    1. @ danilko1: While I agree in principle about using some of its money in the corporate space race, I firmly believe that we humans are, unfortunately, rooted to Mother Earth. The reasons are few but the difficulties that need to be overcome are immense. The main reasons are (1) the enormous cost to lift a kg of material into space, never mind the cost to lift the fuel to life usable material and people, (2) the further cost of constructing a habitat (space station, moon lander, Mars lander, extra-solar explorer) capable of providing long-term protection for the human crew space (space is an extremely inhospitable place for humans), (3) development of a self-sustaining habitat for long tours in space: how are you going to carry enough rations for a two-year round trip to Mars?

      These problems aren’t insurmountable but they are going to cost more than a thousand Apples could afford. Of course I’d dance for joy if I were proven wrong.

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