MarketWatch’s Poletti: Apple may see lull after earnings bounce

“Investors cheered Apple Inc.’s strong earnings for the second fiscal quarter, but with the stock now seeming to trade heavily on iPhone expectations, future catalysts don’t appear to be around the corner,” Therese Poletti opines for MarketWatch.

“Qualcomm Inc., told investors last week that it expects to see a shortage of chips made using a new 28-nanometer manufacturing process for the rest of the year. That news sparked jitters that this could impact the potential launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, widely expected by later this year,” Poletti writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors on the earnings call that current Apple products do not use 28nm chips. But dodged the key question of whether the next iPhone will use them — and whether the launch of that device may be delayed by the shortage.”

Poletti writes, “Investors should enjoy the hoopla over Apple while they can.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sow those seeds, Therese, you beautiful, auburn-tressed, very impatient witch!

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    1. “Qualcomm Inc., told investors last week that it expects to see a shortage of chips made using a new 28-nanometer manufacturing process for the rest of the year.”

      That’s: Shortages for the rest of you.
      The reason: Apple already purchased most of the production.
      So, the rest of the companies have to fight over the scraps.

  1. Fudfest starts immediately… Brought to you by the same assholes that cooked the derivatives that brought down the house.

    Wake up fools it’s Apple’s time and there’s no stopping us now.

  2. If there is a shortage of Qualcomm chips made using a new 28-nanometer manufacturing process, it is because Apple already locked in the majority of Qualcomm production for the year. $110B sure does provide a lot of flexibility and power…

    1. EXACTLY!

      That is the primary purpose of having that kind of cash clout. Apple can pay a bit more — up front, with cash — to get priority on the production lines.

      If anyone should be worried about production shortages at 28 nm it should be Apple’s competitors who can’t afford to pay a premium for priority.

  3. I am sure Poletti has a BS and we all know what that means… as time has progressed she has earned the much coveted journalistic letters of MS (more of the same) and has now graduated – magna cum loud – to the lowest of standards: PHD (piled higher and deeper).

    Please a silent salient moment while the gas builds again before she speaks out of her @$$…



  4. these “analyst” hacks will keep predicting a bad quarter for Apple until one actually occurs, some years from now. at which point they will boast “see we told you so!” as if being totally wrong for years up to then was just long term wisdom instead of repeated stupidity.

    of course this rate of growth – 50% a year – can’t go on indefinitely. duh. but there is a long way to go before Apple reaches global market saturation. China’s burgeoning new middle class alone will fuel Apple’s growth for several years.

    sure, the big test will come in two/three years when Apple’s future products necessarily go beyond whatever Jobs planned before his passing. then we’ll see the real outcome of Apple’s next generation of leadership. but right now, it’s really all about execution of Jobs’ road map.

  5. Earlier, before earnings, I read analysts pretty much guaranteeing Apple would miss and drop to 520. No sooner does the company demolish estimates, than analysts are rewriting their scenario to find another way to piss on Apple. They never stop.

    1. Riverguide’s comment to the article:

      “Ms. Poletti:

      You shouldn’t write poorly researched articles, make stupid, grand generalizations and smoke crack at the same time…”

      lolol! Both insulting AND correct.

  6. I find it concerning that if Apple don’t show ever increasing growth in their massive profits the analysts seem to think they’re doomed. They seem to have this weird baseline especially in relation to Apple. They could carry on at the same levels and still make more money than any other company, but they’d be deemed complete failures by the so called analysts

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