AAPL: I would never say, ‘I told you so’ – however…

“Saying I told you so is often perceived as somewhat of an antagonistic quality. It’s not something that anyone with grace would dare say — particularly someone such as myself who wants to be perceived as having some modicum of class,” Richard Saintvilus writes for TheStreet. “And besides, there’s a lot of honor in taking the high road, especially these days as it appears to be the road less traveled. So it is with this understanding that I can indeed resist the temptation of saying I told you so. But it’s not because this comes easy.”

“On Tuesday, upon the release of my article suggesting that tech giant Apple(AAPL_) would begin its march towards a quadruple-digit share price by releasing a solid second-quarter report, both my iPhone and iPad alerted me with text messages and emails advising that I needed therapy,” Saintvilus writes. “I turned off my iPhone to ignore the ridicule and wondered if this was the end of my writing career.”

Saintvilus writes, “But then something happened, Apple once again defied logic and common sense and reminded the market (once again) what can be accomplished when you meet excellent vision with exceptional execution… In my article on Tuesday, I closed with the following: While some investors may have indeed opted to apply the “bird in the hand” theory and cash in ahead of the company’s announcement, it would not surprise me in the least bit to see Apple reward investors that are still holding with a few more surprises as it did when it announced its dividend. At current levels I will be buying Apple on any signs of weakness before or after the announcement, because not only am I a connoisseur for profits, I also enjoy what is interesting. And, just so we understand each other, I’m not saying I told you so – I refuse to do it.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” and “Branwdo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’m not sure if he was totally serious, but on CNBC a few minutes ago, Cramer was ecstatic over Apple’s earnings. He mentioned how the analysts just don’t get Apple (no shit, Sherlock!) and their metrics should be thrown out the dorr. He also referrred to Brian White’s $1001 price target and came up with his own $1,111 target. He went on to explain how Apple is cleaning up everywhere with more market share to be gained.

    I’m not a Cramer fan, but he’s at least saying the right words at this point. It was good entertainment.

  2. How about “I informed you thusly!” as used by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory episode The 21-Second Excitation.

    That said, it was one of Richard’s co-contributors on TheStreet who decided to weigh in on the capabilities of Tim Cook back on 04/20 as if Rocco (?) had a track record of delivering $142 billion in sales and $38.6 billion in profits over the last four quarters.

  3. I’ll say it for all the negative no sayers out there that said Cook can’t handle the job. Yes he can and the company known as Apple is on a steady course that hasn’t changed one bit. The big stock drop was about stock manipulation, not about Apple falling from grace with no profits. SEC should investigate.

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