RUMOR: Apple’s new MacBook Pro, Air to be made of Liquidmetal

“The blogosphere just won’t let go of the idea that Apple is on the verge of using Liquidmetal technology in one of its products,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet. “Last week it was the iPhone 5 that was going to get the Liquidmetal treatment, and now it’s rumored to be a feature of the MacBook Pro 2012 refresh.”

“I like the idea of a Liquidmetal MacBook Pro — or for that matter any portable — more than I do the idea of making the back of an iPhone out of the material,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “The first reason is production. Casting is normally a much quicker process machining parts, and this gives the Liquidmetal chassis an advantage over how Apple currently manufactures parts for portable systems.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “Another reason for switching from aluminum to Liquidmetal is that portables have to deal with countless bumps, scratches and abrasion on a daily basis. Liquidmetal would certainly offer a system far greater protection than aluminum does, and keep the hardware looking better for a lot longer.”

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John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac, “An ex Liquidmetal exec thought Apple would make iPhones out of it. A source speaking to MacTrast, though, says that Apple’s Liquidmetal investment won’t debut in the iOS line, but instead in March’s MacBook Pro refresh… which looks like a far more radical redesign than previously suspected.”

“Since Liquidmetal is both stronger and lighter than aluminum, a Liquidmetal MacBook Pro could be up to 20% lighter than current models,” Brownlee reports. “That means the 13-inch Pro will weigh only 3.7 pounds (down from 4.5),while the 15-inch will slim down to 4.6 pounds (from 5.8) and the 17-inch to 5.3 pounds (from 6.6).”

Brownlee reports, “Additionally, the report says that Apple has managed to improve battery life by up to 20% over current models, while simultaneously lowering power consumption thanks to a new type of display. Combined, this might drastically increase the already impressive battery life of the MacBook Pro line.”

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      1. I feel like the new rumor generator is using the following formula: to be redesigned with liquid metal.

        What’s next? Steve Jobs’ coffin was made of liquid metal?

    1. Was thinking the same thing. First the ‘in- house’ chip design, then liquidmetal. Apple has a terminator from the future stashed somewhere in their labs.

  1. Just curious….

    Would the liquidmetal mfg process allow for a really good molded subwoofer/2.1 system in the base/display housing?
    I remember the, what was it the 500 series powerbooks? Those sounded very good. Unfortunately they were before Apple owned media distribution as they do now.

    I know this may seem trivial but I really miss the built in handle of the Clamshell Ibook. That case was very durable as well. Everybody seemed to think it was a toy!… But was a very trick arrangement.

    Any thoughts??….

  2. That article promises some pretty radical changes.

    Seriously, show me a new MacBook Pro in 15 & 17 inch form, with retina display, surround sound, made of liquid metal, with a drive bay that can accept hard drives, ssd, or optical, with price points starting at $1540, and I will STFU about Cookiewuss.

    I just somehow think we’re more likely to get the MacBook Pro-S, with faster processor, surround sound, and new Apple Vivid Color technology where the colors stay just as bright no matter which angle you stare at the screen from. No 17 inch model planned.

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