78% of all smartphones sold by AT&T last quarter were Apple iPhones

“AT&T Inc.’s first-quarter earnings rose 5.2% as fewer people canceled telecom services, though revenue grew more slowly than expected,” Melodie Warner reports for The Wall Street Journal. “San Antonio-based AT&T on Tuesday reported a profit of $3.58 billion, or 60 cents a share, up from $3.41 billion, or 57 cents, a year earlier. Revenue rose 1.8% to $31.82 billion. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters forecast earnings of 57 cents on revenue of $31.86 billion.”

“AT&T added 187,000 customers who signed long-term service contracts. The company also added 726,000 total wireless subscribers, raising its base to 103.9 million,” Warner reports. “Total postpaid churn, or customers who canceled services, was 1.1%, down from 1.18% a year earlier and 1.21% in the prior quarter.”

Warner reports, “The company sold 5.5 million smartphones, including 4.3 million iPhone activations. Of those activating iPhones, 21% were new to AT&T. AT&T’s subscribership gains had outpaced its rivals on the success of Apple Inc.’s iPhone, but it lost iPhone exclusivity last year, which has pressured its customer-turnover and growth rates of late.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Over 78% of the smartphones sold by AT&T last quarter were Apple iPhones. No wonder AT&T is constantly trying to push pretend iPhones in order to lessen their dependence on Apple.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Just wait till the new iPhone comes out ( liquidmetal?, bigger screen ? Better optics? New design? IOS 6, and all those 4 coming off Contract ) apple 1000 a share …..

    1. Not so much. When the iPhone outsold Android during the holiday season everyone said it wouldn’t last and it was because of the new 4S release. Now we see that it IS lasting, 78% of the activations are an iPhone and around 51% on Verizon. That’s insane and it’s only going to grow this Fall when the new iPhone comes out.

  2. I suppose they get their staff to push other phones to give them something to do. iPhones sell themselves. They’re probably not ready to have no staff in shops.

    1. Then again: Microsoft are again paying developers to write software for their crapware, this time Metro.

      So what if Microsoft are also PAYING AT&T to push MS StupidSmartPhones, aka ‘incentivizing’ Metro phone sales??? Microsoft never compete if they can find a way to cheat. That’s the summary of their corporate history.

  3. Apple will set iPhone prices where they want to. The subsidy amount is negotiated between the customer and the telco. If telcos like AT&T don’t like the price then don’t sell iPhones and let you business wither and die. Simple.

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