Analyst: Apple iPad demand high, supply constrained by Retina display, ‘sound labor practices’

“Analyst Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee aimed to quash some investor concern on Wednesday that demand for the new iPad is waning,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “That’s not true, he said, as his checks within Apple’s supply chain have found that the company continues to have strong interest in its latest touchscreen tablet.”

“Instead, he said, it’s supply of the new high-resolution Retina display that has limited shipments of the latest iPad,” Hughes reports. “He expects that situation to improve over the coming quarters, as additional production lines and suppliers are added.”

Hughes reports, “Another factor in iPad supply, Wu said, has been the fact that Foxconn is now ‘conforming to more sound labor practices.'”

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    1. You need a real fancy degree. That piece of paper tricks everyone into believing that you’re intelligent and know what you’re talking about.

      A big problem in today’s world is that people think Educated = Intelligent, when it certainly does not.

    2. I’d agree with that statement 90% of the time… There’s been plenty of articles written by these guys that make me wonder how on Earth someone could actually get paid for it.

      This one isn’t that bad… He’s just trying to convince Wally Street & the Funky Bunch to calm down, people still like the iPad, don’t start some massive sell off.

    1. My point exactly. Demand isn’t down, for the phone or the pad. Supply is backed up? Who didn’t anticipate that? His statement of non-fear is a precursor. By getting hits on his piece, he portends potential doom. Short APPL for a week, then ride the next launch to the moon. It’s a legal form of insider trading, causing a spike or drop to take a (manufactured) adjustment. Gotta love capitalism…

    2. I got mine last week – engraving and all. Amazingly, there was absolutely no evidence of dried, 12-year old slave girl tears on it anywhere. Spotlessly perfect. Kinda disappointing if you ask me.

  1. If there is an effect created by the decrease in overtime, it’s temporary. Even though Foxconn pledged to conform to the Chinese law standard of 36 max OT hours per month, it also agreed to hire more employees to make up for the lost overtime.

    Somehow I doubt a company as large as Foxconn is going to let lost overtime limit the production of a product as popular as the iPad. Component shortages are one thing; but trying to blame Foxconn’s “doing the right thing” is stupid i.e. par for the course with Apple analysts.

  2. I did my own supplier check… no sign demand is waning.

    My supplier is Limit 2. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

    You can’t even measure “waning” demand until supply catches up. Which clearly it has not.

    How do I make this a paying gig?

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