Why Mac users should avoid Facebook

“Facebook is stupid and for old people. So says Patrick Moorhead’s daughter, a shrewd young lady, wiser than her 12 years,” Kate MacKenzie writes for PixoBebo. “Why is Facebook’s absorption of Instagram such a bummer for pre-teens and intellectually adept older Mac users?”

“Instagram is everything Facebook is not. Highly targeted and efficient,” MacKenzie writes. “No gawkers and lurkers on Instagram. It’s you and your friends and your photos. Facebook is the poster child of modern social media. It has become so big it can’t compete in niche social site markets with the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, Foodspotting, and other trendy networks, so it, like Microsoft of yesteryear, absorbs the ones that threaten Facebook the most.”

MacKenzie writes, “Researchers say there’s a dark side to the social networking Goliath, a direct link to socially aggressive narcissism (which explains the gawkers and lurkers)… In other words, heavy Facebook users do not good Mac citizens make.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Avoid Facebook in general, if you like, but studies show that only the most well-adjusted and smartest people use the MacDailyNews Facebook page. Don’t forget MacDailyNews on Twitter, either! 😉

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    1. It’s a place where stalkers and victims alike can meet, while being targeted by ads that use your personal information to select potential products that nobody needs.

  1. Fads come…& go.

    Instead of saying Brando’s famous line “I coulda been a contender”, they console themselves with being one of 500 million on Facebook and saying “I’m in.”

        1. this was, originally, a line from rosemary clooney’s song “hey there (you with the stars in your eyes)” (1954), a song where almost every line is a now-trite saying, including “in one ear and out the other.”

          1. Alright! Thanks for the memory. As a little kid in 4th grade I can remember all the nasty parodies we made of that line…”you with the pee in your pants” etc. That was the year that San Jose’s Burger Bar restaurant had a radio jingle about how it sold “a million burgers in ’53, a million more in ’54” They sold five burgers for a dollar.

  2. Anyone ever check out the sites that gather horrifying Facebook posts? Oh boy, talk about entertainment! But only look at them when you’ve got some serious time to kill.

    Search “Top 50 Facebook” and you’ll see what I mean.

    The only thing I like about Facebook is that it allows people to expose what’s really going on upstairs, without being aware of it.

  3. I’m not one for social networking as such, but what usage I make of such sites is targeted based on specific scenarios. I don’t want some one service does everything type situation. Even if facebook was great at everything it did, it would still do loads of things I don’t want to use and don’t want to be hassled with. It’s nice when services integrate sideways with each other, such as the twitter integration in iOS, but picking and choosing is definitely my preferred method.

  4. I get the general point of FB. And for families, friends, etc. that are spread out, it makes sense. But too many people are becoming addicted to it and feel they have to post their every move. Some people are very narcissistic. But not everyone on FB is. For many who have no real life, though, it becomes their “life”. And most of them don’t even realize how much of their “life” can be accessed by anyone who wants to snoop. I can do without it and the data mining and loss of privacy.

    1. The absolute worst is when people link a Twitter account to Facebook somehow. What goes through someone’s mind before they Tweet a pic of their burrito that goes on Twitter, FB, w/location tag, etc., is beyond me.

  5. Facebook and Instagram are tools, nothing more. They are not meant to be fads, trends, or standards of measurement for one’s place in society. Neither does the use of these tools directly relate in any way to one’s intelligence or prowess with use of other tools (aka Macs). Those who assume the sole motivation of others to join Facebook or purchase an Apple product over a competitive product is to garner a feeling of societal inclusion is absurd.

    I use Facebook to share elements of my life with my geographically diverse family and friends. I could use direct email or even send a letter and photos via snail mail if I so chose but Facebook and Instagram are convenient tools that do a much more effective job for that purpose.

    Now that’s not to say everyone views Facebook or Instagram the same way I do. And for those who’s motivation to use them IS to feel socially accepted, then that is just sad. I see them as someone who learned to play the guitar not because they enjoy making music but simply to be able to say to others “I can play the guitar”. Again, just plain sad.

    Finally I’m not concerned with the snap judgement and opinion of a twelve year old girl.

    1. I disagree. Don’t know about Instagram, but Facebook is most definitely NOT just a tool and nothing more. It is painfully obvious that it is not, from the way its users use it, and based on the expectations vast majority of them have from it. While to you personally it may be a helpful tool to easily connect and communicate with geographically dispersed friends and family (same thing here — an expat living in NYC, with friends and family around the globe), to vast majority of its users, Facebook is one or more of the following: confirmation of social acceptance, substitute for direct (physical) social interaction, an addiction, and more.

      As for the opinion of a twelve year-old girl, there may be some curiosity value, but not much beyond that.

  6. Sure Fb is inhabited by assholes, but then so’s this site, and most places on the interwebz. Take any group of humans and you’ll find some are dicks. There are millions on Fb, it’s inevitable that a significant percentage are full of shit. What astonishes me is that so many people appear to be surprised at this fact. Twitter is full of narcissistic morons, but it’s also a vehicle for serious transmission of information. Just like Fb can be, if the user is discriminating, like I am. I get regular and direct information, and one-to-one contact with a lot of bands and musicians, which was never possible on MySpace, as well as regular contact with personal friends. One thing my Fb page does NOT contain is significant personal info. My name, age, and gender, and my high school name. That’s it. If you don’t publish it, it won’t get published, how difficult is that to understand?

    1. Wow, a reasonable comment! Those were getting pretty rare around here.
      I use Facebook. I have a fairly small list of friends, all of whom are people I knew perviously. It is a handy way to stay in touch.
      I have had to weed out some who have an obsessive-compulsive relationship with FB. I do status updates 2 or 3 times a week on average, when I actually have news to pass along.

  7. Facebook is what you make of it. It can be a great way to keep in touch with people you don’t get to see any longer, or it can be a PITA when you have to “Like” a product just to view the latest Kate Upton pics.

  8. Facebook – the site for morons with no interpersonal social skills in search of a megaphone, all crying, “Look at me!!!!”

    Twitter – ditto, in 240 words or approximations thereof.

  9. Facebook was designed on the roots of college/teen life. Its not as mature as sites like Google+, Pinterest, etc. I only use FB for posting links to friends and mainly because they don’t use other forms of social media. That 12 year old girl is smart or her Dad wrote what she “said”. Anyways smart people will learn to use other social media sites.

  10. For old people ? I always thought it was for kids and teens who think they are the center of the universe.

    But, what’s this BS about Mac users ? WTF does it have anything to do with Mac users ? What a stupid comment.

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