Mossberg reviews Microsoft’s Nokia Lumia 900, can’t recommend it over superior iPhone 4S

“So far, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has struggled to attract either buyers or app developers. But on April 8, Nokia and AT&T will begin selling the first high-end, 4G LTE, Windows Phone model released in the U.S., the Lumia 900,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal. “I’ve been testing the Lumia 900 and found that it provides the best home yet for the attractive Windows Phone software, but still doesn’t measure up to rival smartphones.”

Mossberg writes, “Overall, I consider the Lumia 900 a mixed bag. Unless you are a big Windows Phone fan, or don’t want to spend more than $100 upfront, I can’t recommend the Lumia 900 over the iPhone 4S… I was underwhelmed by the battery life, the browser, and the quality of its photos. Plus, the Windows Phone platform has only a fraction of the third-party apps available for its rivals—about 70,000, versus nearly 600,000 for the iPhone…”

“It also has a weaker content ecosystem. For instance, there is no way to buy TV shows or movies directly from the phone, and far fewer magazine and newspaper apps are available,” Mossberg writes. “The screen resolution of 800 by 480 is lower than the iPhone’s, and I found the display generally less sharp than the Apple’s…. The camera, despite having the same resolution as the new iPhone, took notably worse pictures of the same scenes in my tests. To my eye, colors were oversaturated, and details were less sharp… The phone had just too many drawbacks in my tests to best its chief competitors.”

There’s much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs was wrong: The revolutionary and magical iPhone was literally more than five years ahead.

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  1. Can we get it in that original Zune brown color? Does the Lumia 900 have lots of buttons? Steve Balmer likes lots of buttons. I remember. He told us that the iPhone would never make it because it doesn’t have buttons.

  2. MDN Take — wow.
    Here we are exactly five years later.

    They’re all either gone, going, a faint shadow or in the case of Android, a complete rip-off.

  3. ‘about 70,000, versus nearly 600,000 for the iPhone’

    I met a guy yesterday who told me he had to buy the iPhone with the largest capacity because he had ‘over 500’ apps on it.

    Now, tell me how he could possibly find them, let alone, use many of them.

    Ooooh! I have 500 apps – how ridiculous.

    1. Not to brag, because if anything it’s just the opposite, but I have 609 apps (between my iPad and iPhone). Worse, I have additional apps from Cydia (and even more tweaks), and some webapps I created. About 6 months ago, I purged a bunch of apps that I don’t have installed anymore.

      Ya, not to brag, because, yes, it’s crazy. I have a problem. I used to be able to use App Store Expenses to see how much I had spent on apps, but it doesn’t seem to work properly anymore 🙁

  4. Mr Ballmer? Wait, that was 15 years ago when he practically balled up everyone to submission. When the iPhone appeared he snickered at it and also staged a dead march for the iPhone. Appearing on stage, he cavorted and monkeyed around shouting “developers, developers, developers” Unfortunately the Window phones had not made a dent to the iPhone universe but instead has been losing market share.

    Judging from Steve’s performance, it is now appropriate to refer him as Mr Steve Bummer. You lost your wallet? Bummer!

    Oxford Dictionary’s definition
    [bummer: a thing that is annoying or disappointing]

      1. Lulu, I was sarcastic. I wudnt be seen dead with Apple’s product, so arrogant and narcissitic is the brand, so sheepish are its followers and so cultish are its promoters in the media. Count me out!

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