Gruber: 7.85-inch iPad still in testing in Apple labs

“Talk of a 7.85-inch iPad was revived again after historically accurate John Gruber mentioned in a podcast that it was supposedly still in testing,” Electronista reports. “He told The Talk Show co-host Dan Benjamin that he had heard from numerous insiders that the smaller size was ‘one of the ideas they’re noodling with.’ The design he understood had the same 1024×768 resolution as the iPad 2, just scaled down to the lower physical size.”

Electronista reports, “To visualize the size, he suggested a trick that he had mentioned in the past when hearing of the 7.85-inch size only through outside reports. Capturing a screenshot of the iPad in portrait orientation and flipping the image to landscape gives an approximate idea as to how big the screen would be, he said. While it was possible some text might be small, it wouldn’t be unusably so. The width of current iPads should roughly represent the length of the mini tablet.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Think Next Generation AppleTV controller and SIRI voice input. Take 2 or 4 and you can have some great games. Can even play with people that are not with you in your location.

      The side note is that it is a full featured iOS device and the crappy e-book readers are dead. Apple iRoadKill again.

  1. What they need is a BIGGER iPad, not a smaller one. How about a 12-13″ iPad? I would love the extra screen real estate. Of course, this might cut into MBAirs, but connect it with a bluetooth keyboard and you really don’t need a laptop for most work anymore…

  2. Again: such tablet would only make sense if Apple will implement its patent that allows iOS to recognize approaching finger before it would touch the screen and scale up the UI in this area.

    Only this decision would allow users to avoid using a file on their fingers during work with twice smaller UI.

    1. There is no need for filed-down fingers to use iOS on small screens.

      iOS senses the centre of the target area you touch, so the size of your fingers isn’t relevant. Just get your iPhone and try typing using your thumbs when the keyboard is in portrait orientation. Even though your thumb may cover several keys at once, you can still type accurately.

  3. This rumor makes me nervous. I just don’t see myself buying this. And if apple makes something I don’t buy, much less don’t want to buy… Well…

    Here’s hoping it’s just talk.

    1. You’re right about the profit. However, by putting a best-of-class product in that space, Apple ensures that there will be few places in the tablet universe for competitors to find any decent margin.

      1. So, it comes down to a strategic CEO decision. If short-term profits are the motivator, Apple kills it. But if choking out your competitors, is the motivator, Apple releases it, and the competitors give up and go back to manufacturing bug zappers and snow globes.

  4. The screen ratio of the ipad is what would make a smaller iPad work. The taller ratio android tabs, while nice for wide-screen videos, do at it at the expense of everything else. I would imagine a smaller iPad that would work out of the box with a built in vibrant ecosystem would rival the regular iPad in sales.

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