California judge hauls in Samsung CEO, other execs for Apple to grill

“Apple’s lawyers have won the opportunity to give Samsung chief Gee Sung Choi the third degree in the US patent battle between the tech giants,” Brid-Aine Parnell reports for The Register.

“Californian district judge Lucy Koh has granted Apple permission to get a deposition from the CEO, but has limited it to two hours,” Parnell reports. “The iPhone-maker will get the chance to depose four other Samsung executives, including the senior VP of advanced R&D, Seung Hwan Cho, the president and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America (STA), Dale Sohn, and the chief financial officer of STA, Joseph Cheong, who will each be questioned for three hours.”

Parnell reports, “The case seems to be settling up nicely for Apple: Judge Koh also ruled on the companies’ tiffs over how they define certain technical terms, with five terms going Apple’s way and two for Samsung.”

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Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

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  1. An agreement/contract between Apple and Samsung was made far before any iPhone was ever produced.

    Behind Apples’ back, Samsung knowingly violated that agreement by teamed with Google. Not just copying the look of iPhone but the best next thing at the fastest easiest possible way – by choosing the free Android OS. Samsung should be punished.

    1. Unfortunately, this is Samsung’s M.O. Their industrial design group visits Best But often to take pictures of competitors’ products and then a month later flood those perspective markets with similar products.

      It’s how they roll.

      1. This was a common practice of Japanese manufacturers of hi fi equipment in thew 1970s. I an remember going to trade shows where Japanese manufacturers photographed the open chassis’ of Sherwood amps and later seeing those products in the next season’s offerings.

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