Jefferies ups Apple price target from $699 to $800 on the ‘iPanel’ (Apple ‘iTV’)

“Jefferies & Co.’s Peter Misek this morning raised his price target on Apple (AAPL) to $800 from a prior $699, writing that he has ‘increased confidence’ the company will introduce a television set, leading him to raised his fiscal 2013 (for the year ending September) estimate to $214 billion, well above the Street consensus of $187 billion,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“‘We now believe the iTV could be called ‘iPanel’ as it is far more than a TV,’ writes Misek,” Ray reports. “Misek explains in an email this morning that his conjecture regarding the name derives from the fact that the ‘iTV’ name is owned by the U.K. company of the same name, which has global rights, he says, ‘and won’t sell them based on recent checks,’ although it’s still possible in the end the company could sell to Apple. ‘They may be just negotiating’ at present, but he can’t be sure, he tells me.”

Ray reports, “And, he adds ‘this is so much more than a TV. It is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc.’ …Misek cites a couple of reasons for his confidence, including Apple’s manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision’s announcement last week that it will take a 10% equity stake in Japanese display maker Sharp, and that Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou will buy 47% of Sharp’s display unit with his own money.”

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  1. No! Apple would never sell a potentiall expensive and potentially outdatable TV screen that has a bunch of wires hanging from it routing signals from cable, satellite and other external devices. That’s why the Apple TV is the key. Hang your cables of that and then just one HDMI or VGA cable out to your gigunda or gigantic LCD/plasma/video projector of choice. I’m just not buyin’ into this TV device thingy rumor.

    1. What about an IPanel with a replaceable module Apple TV 4 that has the key TV functionality built in. Then over time Apple sells upgrades. TV replacement cycle is too long and there is too much change of late. I had my 32″ CRT for over 10 years before buying a VIZIO which has dropped in PX by 2/3 with more functionality over the same period. Apple get revenue by replacing the Apple TV interface module every 3 years and the content. I” buy an iPanel, but would likely never replace unless it breaks.

  2. Good to see another raise in target price, but it doesn’t mean a thing to investors. They’ll wait until quarter numbers are released as usual and depending on sales numbers Apple shares will rise or fall. Apple doesn’t perform like other stocks when target prices are merely raised. A $100 target rise doesn’t even move Apple’s share price a full percent. I guess it happens so often that investors don’t even pay attention to Apple analysts.

  3. Wow, this guy could be a product visionary.

    For Google.

    iPanel sounds too much like Ipana.

    iTube sounds like YouTube in the first-person.

    iEye sounds like Ricky Ricardo getting upset.

    I think they’ll stick with Apple TV.

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