Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of the Siri name

“Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Technori Pitch, a monthly event where Chicago-based start-ups can showcase what they’ve been working on. The keynote speaker for the evening was none other than Dag Kittlaus, one of the co-founders of Siri. Apple acquired Siri for $200 million in April of 2010 and would go onto make it the flagship feature on the iPhone 4S,” Yoni Heisler reports for Network World.

“During a rousing presentation about entrepreneurship, start-up culture, and the accelerating pace of technological advancements, Kittlaus also touched on the history behind the Siri name and how the company came to be acquired by Apple,” Heisler reports. “Interestingly enough, Kittlaus relayed how Jobs wasn’t particularly enthralled with calling Apple’s voice recognition feature ‘Siri.'”

Heisler reports, “But before that, Kittlaus explained how he came up with the Siri name.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. He also wanted to be closer to his family back in Chicago. I can definitely understand and respect that.

      And some people simply prefer to start companies rather than to work for them. I personally know a few serial entrepreneurs. It’s just the way they are built.

    2. The opportunity to determine your own path is the most valuable freedom of all to entrepreneurs. They are willing to trade the relative security of a regular job for the risk of frequent failure in the pursuit of wild success.

      Apple is a great company in many ways. But articles about the “Apple way” indicates you must conform to the internal Apple culture. While I appreciate the need to mold employees to the needs of the company and to maintain the company’s focus and vision, some people will never be satisfied by that type of environment. HTML5 Gordon pegged it when he said “It’s just the way they are built.”

    1. It’s explained in the linked article. Says it’s a Norwegian name meaning “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.”

      What’s bizarre about that is it leaves out the fact that it’s based on (and the name is inspired by) technology from SRI International –an especially surprising omission given that SRI was one of his biggest investors

        1. Sorry, didn’t realize you were quoting the typo, thought you were saying “how did he come up with the name.” But the link does in fact clear that part up also — it was supposed to say “how he came up” not “how her ame up.” Doh. 🙂

          Still wondering why the guy didn’t credit SRI.

    1. God, STFU already!

      What happened to the old BLN who used to post here, with somewhat amusing and (occasional) insightful comments? Did he die, and you took over the handle? =:-(

  1. So why is it us Brits are forced to tolerate a male Siri? When are we going to be offered a choice? When I upgrade my iP4 to a 5 in the autumn I want a female voice, the same as my CoPilot navigation, I don’t like male voices as my hearing is a little damaged in the frequency range of the human voice and the higher pitch of the female voice is easier for me to hear clearly in a moving car and noisy backgrounds.

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