Nokia won’t license ‘essential’ patents if Apple’s nano-SIM standard is selected

“The saber rattling continues today ahead of the ETSI’s vote on the future of the nano-SIM standard later this week, a vote that has significantly different proposals from Apple and a consortium of Nokia, Motorola, and RIM in the mix,” Chris Ziegler reports for The Verge. “So far, we’ve heard that Apple would license patents relevant to its proposal royalty-free — a claim which Nokia swiftly bashed, claiming Apple has no relevant patents to license.”

Ziegler reports, “Now, Nokia is threatening the ETSI that it will refuse to license patents it holds that it believes to be essential to Apple’s proposal should that design be selected over its own, once again saying that the design simply ‘does not meet ETSI’s technical requirements and which would be inferior for consumers and the mobile industry, unnecessarily increasing the cost of mobile devices.'”

“As for FRAND concerns, Nokia nips that conversation in the bud, saying that this tough new language has ‘no impact’ on the company’s existing FRAND commitments for other wireless standards managed through the ETSI,” Ziegler reports. “In other words, Nokia’s saying, ‘pick our standard or no one gets a nano-SIM.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re sure the lawyers are giddy with anticipation (of their new lake houses, ski villas, and ocean-going yachts).

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    1. Yehhh. No kiddin’. The EU, that is – unlike the US government – thoroughly unafraid kick MS in the nuts, is going to be dictated to by Nokia. I … don’t … think … so.

  1. So having failed to get a consensus, Nokia’s going to try to veto everyone else to ensure they get their own way. While it may not violate the letter of FRAND, it sure as heck violates the spirit.

    This abuse of standard-essential patents needs to be slapped down, hard.

  2. Is Nokia even relevant anymore? Its like RIM saying we will not stand for this because we have a better plan or idea when they have neither. Its really funny when you think about it. If you steal Apples Technology they don’t want to get sued but if Apple shares technology and makes it free they have to bash it. Truly this is the Bizarro world.. Nokia what a great company in the 90’s they really made a nice phone in those original cave man days of cell phones they were a bright shining star. To bad that star has dimmed and is now collapsing in on itself. We refer to that as a black hole or better a RIM where no ideas or light can escape. Even the powerful investors money cannot escape its grasp. Where are the investors with Pitch forks and torches. They should be at RIM and Nokia Daily to listen to the melodic sounds of their money being flushed down the toilet.
    With such hits as.

    Non Innovator Records Presents This years Hits

    01. I sold my soul for MicroSoft coal.
    02. I Stole your tech so what the heck.
    03. SamDung is a boy name Sue.
    04. We don’t need another iPhone, all we need is the way home.
    05. iPhone he was a friend of mine so I robbed him blind.
    06. I can think of sunny days before the iPhone came to stay.
    07. Every little thing Apple does is Magic, why has God forsaken me.
    08. Crap in a box and your to blame lets watch RIM go down in flames.
    09. Who can clone an iPhone, Sprinkle it with poo, and a free OS that steals 4 Dozen patents oh its True the SamDung Man can.
    10. Please Apple Please don’t swat us fleas.

    Sorry the tunes were in my head unless I let them out they become show tunes.

  3. When the EU broadsides Motorola for their disingenuous dealings with FRAND patents, the next stop will be Nokia, where their tough talk will evaporate.

    It never ceases to amaze me how these companies, most of which are one clockwise rotation away from being passed to the sewer from the toilet, think their posturing will sway standards bodies or Apple in any way.

  4. Its gonna be the standard, so Nokia, just be grateful you are not going to be paying to license the standard.
    If you’ve got a better standard, then put it up on the table, Nokia.
    This is like crying “some of the chocolate and strawberry touched my vanilla” while eating Neopolitan ice cream.

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