Apple, Steve Jobs win design patent for Shanghai retail store design

“Apple has many flagship stores in high profile locations around the world such as New York, Beijing, London, Paris, Montreal, Chicago, Sydney and Zurich,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a design patent for their flagship Shanghai Apple Store which opened its doors in September 2010,” Purcher reports. “One of the designers credited for this incredible architecture is the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.”

Purcher reports, “The Inventors of the Shanghai Store include the late, great Steve Jobs, Senior Director, Retail Real Estate and Development Benjamin Fay, Peter Bohlin, David Andreini and Karl Backus of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson who created and designed many of Apple’s landmark stores, Robert Bridger, Apple’s ex-Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Ronald Johnston and James O’Callaghan.”

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  1. Jobs left distinct footprint in the architecture that many architects would only dream of.

    Obviously, ideas of cubes, cylinders as minimalistic architecture objects in NY and China belong to Jobs; he loved this minimalism since many decades ago.

    The biggest thing, the new campus, is also Jobs idea that he had since 1980s, according to real estate agent who worked with him.

    Congratulations to Apple and Jobs.

  2. The critics and asshole-naysayers of this world said Apple going into retail stores was oh-so stupid. Today, we laugh at the naysayers oh so loud.

    The naysayers said that Apple would never make a cell phone, never-ever try a tablet again and that the iPod would be a failure. Today, we laugh at the naysayers oh so loud.

    Steve Jobs was a believer in pushing ideas forward and the naysayers and opposition lost out, again and again and again.

    Too bad we lost him so early. I miss his keynotes and his passion for life. What a wonderful design and imprint the Shanghai Store has left. Today, I remember Steve, again. The Shanghai Store is all about Thinking Different.

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