Infrared test shows more powerful new iPad running a safe 10-degrees warmer than iPad 2

“Thermal imaging of a side-by-side comparison of the third-generation iPad and the iPad 2 found Apple’s latest tablet running 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) hotter than its predecessor,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Dutch site performed the GLBenchmark test on the two generations of iPads for five minutes to measure a heat difference,” Ong reports. “Using an infrared camera, the publication discovered that the hottest part of the new iPad was 33.6 degrees Celsius (92.5 Fahrenheit), while the iPad 2 measured 28.3 degrees Celsius (83 Fahrenheit).”

Ong reports, “Though the new iPad does appear to run warmer than the iPad 2, it should be noted that the temperatures are still well within Apple’s specified operating temperature of 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 35 Celsius). The report went on to speculate that the new GPU is the likely cause for the added heat in the third-generation iPad. The new iPad features an A5X chip with quad-core graphics…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: FUD, Inc. works like clockwork. Watch for reports and forum posts that take what is a normally-operating, warmer-running iPad and conflate it into “overheating.” Anyone who does so works for Apple’s so-called “competition” or their PR firms/departments, or is being manipulated by them, or is simply seriously misinformed.

We’ve used both the original iPad and the iPad 2. We now use the new iPads and have been since Day One. They run slightly warmer because they are significantly more powerful and capable. Even after hours of continuous use, they are not “hot” to the touch, nor are they not performing as intended.

If this is the best the FUDsters can come up with this time, they are even more doomed than usual.

Update: 10:24 am EDT: See also: Like clockwork: Let the iPad ‘overheating’ FUD begin! – March 20, 2012

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  1. I don’t have the figures to hand, but if I recall the new iPad is 40% brighter than the old one, what’s the difference if you turn the iPad 2 right up and the iPad 3 to 50% or something? Does the brightness make a difference? It might also be something tweakable in software, I recall various iPhones running warm at times before being fixed.

  2. MDN is not really jumping the gun…we all know how things go. As soon as Apple releases a new product, so called “journalists” and such will look for anything to criticize and make a huge deal out of nothing. Anything to bash Apple, I won’t be surprised at all if there is some supposed “heatgate” or something like that.

    1. Of course- you can blame one source but the same crap multiplies like cancer cells in the press. Then the sheeplike mentality of retards who are the liberal equivalents of Fox news sheep threaten to not buy Apple products, they hate the company, and they’re not “made in America.” Huffpost- “New iPad having problems already?” “Apple hoarding cash overseas.” “Greedy Apple.” Some responses?- “I’m glad i bought an HP and an Android phone.” I need a drink.

  3. Have noticed the iPad(3rd) backside does get warmer to the touch than the iPad(2nd). No worries, with 4 times the number of pixels to colour in, one would expect it to be using more power.

  4. Infrared and thermal imaging are two totally different subjects. As a firefighter I always get a chuckle when someone asks if we have an infrared camera. No… But we have a thermal imaging camera! FUD indeed!

  5. It should be noted that 37°C is normal body temperature and one doesn’t even have a fever until it hits 38°C. In other words, the iPads temperature is well below your temperature!!

    It may feel warm, but it is definitely not hot.

  6. I am a diehard apple fan and was staying awake all night long to buy my 3rd iPad for the family the brand new iPad and today I got the same delivered here in Middle east through my aramex account. I feel it’s heating for than my earlier iPads . Even my 5 yr daughter stated why dad its hot ! So I definitely think there is some issue atleast with some iPads !!! I would have been happy if I got an iPad without issues…

  7. just wait, they are going to start suggesting that the new iPad is contributing to global warming and the the melting of the glaciers and ice caps. APPLE IS KILLING THE POLAR BEARS!!!

    Yep… FUD as a marketing tool. You would think that after all these attempts to smear Apple with FUD the competition would start to look elsewhere for ways to beat them… Like improving their products perhaps. Nah… that’s crazy talk.

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