Apple and the Daisey affair: Why did the company keep its silence, when it knew a year ago what we know now?

“Mike Daisey began performing his off-Broadway monologue ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’ in January 2011,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “The show, which cast a harsh light on the working conditions in the Chinese factories that produce nearly half of the world’s electronic devices, was presented as fact — a description of what Daisey saw first hand during a visit to China in May and June of 2010.”

“We now know, thanks to follow-up reporting by Rob Schmitz at American Public Media’s Marketplace, that Daisey’s monologue — as he reluctantly admits — was a piece of theater, not a factual report,” P.E.D. reports. “It was concoction of things he saw, things he read about, things he just made up. Daisey lied to Ira Glass.. on This American Life. He lied to me last January when he stood by his reporting and told me — to my face — that he met workers at Foxconn’s assembly plant as young, even, as 11 years old.”

P.E.D. reports in an update, “It turns out the Apple public relations staffers did talk to reporters — always off the record — about Mike Daisey, pointing out inaccuracies in his account and suggesting that it was extremely unlikely that one man could have seen as much as Daisey claimed he saw in one trip to China. Among the journalists they warned off the Daisey story were Ira Glass and This American Life producer Brian Reid.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Mike Daisey
Mike Daisey
What Mike Daisey really needs are more carbs.

We estimate 0.5 gram more and, after a detonating cascade of his multiple chins, his fat, lying head will simply explode – if his ass doesn’t first.

Here, Mikey, have yet another Pop-Tart.

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  1. It was a losing proposition for Apple to directly challenge him. They did what they could by pointing “responsible” reporters in the right direction.

    1. Typical communist, freedom hating, propaganda from the left….. Business as usual. The vast majority of Americans don’t believe any of this BS. The Chinese that were lucky enough to get a job provided by Apple are very happy that they have those jobs. The liberal lunatics hate Apple and anything to do with freedom and success. The good news is there are far more conservatives than LEMMINGS!

      1. Since liberals have absolutely no problem with illegal immigration, maybe they should illegally immigrate into the middle east and start an Occupy for women’s rights movement there against the 1% ruling class!

            1. Truth is, if R
              eagan was running for Pres. today, he’d be espousing policies to the political LEFT of Obama. Reagan couldn’t win a Republican nomination today for dog catcher!


            2. LIsten to his video you commie propaganda pusher. No one with any type of clue would believe that excrement you just typed about Reagan. Loser

        1. Steve Jobs was a very conflicted person. Anyone who followed him for years knew it. Creative, Apple, Pixar, genius/Ruthless business man. He had very little in common with the nut jobs on the left although he liked to think he did. His early school years and first few working years. Once he got going he was everything you liberals hate. He even told Maobama the truth. He will be voted out in a landslide this November. Read it and weep lemming-wing nuts!

            1. No that would be you liberal-tards. Masters at lying. You have to lie constantly about what you’re up to. No one would go along with it otherwise. You try to hijack every fringe, nut job cause and then use it to advance your communist agenda. Screw you!

            2. You are the fucking IDIOT Mr. Bio.

              I have read the book. The one sentence you quote from (of all places the fucking huffigton Post) is NOT what he said. There were other words and sentences that made up the totality of what Steve was saying.

              Jiost of what he said was, IF you do something THEN you will lose the next election.

              NOT, “you will lose the next election”, period.

              You fucking word twisting, propaganda creating repulsive republicans! Go learn how to read and comprehend.

            3. You think that’s the only place he said that????? Man are you clueless. Imagine what said when he wan’t in front of the US wrecker in chief!!!!!! Keep fantasizing libtard, 2012 will be a landslide loss for Hussein.

            4. Steve Jobs hated the teachers unions and the destruction they have reaped along with liberals in general on the US education system, if you can call it that. Why do you think there aren’t enough engineers in the US to meet Apple’s needs…….. Too much lib-tard brainwashing going on, that’s why!

            5. I don’t want to talk to you no more you empty headed re-pube animal food trough whopper. I fart in your general direction, your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.

              You don’t frighten us you pig-dog repubelicans. Go and boil you bottoms you sons and daughters of a silly person.

            6. The Jobs biography was an interesting read and I feel it could have been better. One of the main things my book club came away with was that in no way was Jobs really a liberal. Sure he thought he was but his actions sure weren’t.

          1. There are few rational people who could read the political dollar giving ratio for Steve Jobs and say he was conflicted. This is a multi year demonstration of his sentiments. Now, please, demonstrate your maturity and do some name calling.

            1. Scuzzy,

              Jobs donating to libs just added to him being conflicted. It was like his personal yin/yang thing. The donations made him feel like he was a lib, his business actions made him very conservative.

            2. Go ahead and list those “conservative” business actions.

              Jobs’ ratio of politcal giving over a large part of two decades could only be seen as conflicted by someone who is delusional.

              Good one with the scuzzy, so clever.

            3. He didn’t tolerate losers who couldn’t produce. Fired on the spot, not given a free ride like in you Marxist universe.

              He loved big, successful, companies that produced quality products, like HP from when he was in his youth. Liberals hate big successful companies.

              He had his own jet and wasn’t afraid to use because it might cause global warming.

              He made massive amount of product and wasn’t afraid it was going to destroy the “environment” in the phony global warming scam mantra sense.

              He banned porn from the App store because of family values.

              There’s more but you’re too clueless Scuzzy to understand……

      2. By definition, conservatives want to conserve the way things are or were. For progress to take place, we can’t just continue to do things the way they were done in the past. We MUST change and the conservative movement opposes change. If conservatives accept change, it must be glacially slow and progress must be imperceptible at best.

        The liberals on the other hand, jump at change without thinking through the consequences and although they are the only agent for change, they can be very dangerous because they can’t discern between beneficial existing systems and principles of destructive behaviour.

          1. McCarthy certainly has a hold on the Yankee mentality. If you don’t understand it, it must be communism. I know for a fact that not all Americans are idiots. If someone doesn’t label him a communist and shoot him before I get to meet him, I will prove it.

            1. Why is it that all the liberocommies on this site are always talking about shooting or killing people??? The people that always do that sort of thing in the name of politics turn out to be LIBERALS!!!!!!

              Rational people are conservatives and we only want to vote your sorry asses out of power forever!

              And the vast, overwhelming majority of gun crimes are committed by illegal gun owners, criminals, gang members. They know the liberals have tried to take away weapons from the law abiding citizens. And every communist slaughter of their population started with taking away the populations weapons first…… Google it.

            2. From:


              I heard a story some time ago about a goldfish and his goldfish bowl. The goldfish was losing two drops of water a day from his goldfish bowl. When confronted with this fact, the goldfish looked around his bowl and laughed as he replied “I’ve got the greatest goldfish bowl in all the world and it will never run out of water.” Of course as time passed by the two drops a day added up and one sad day the little goldfish found himself flapping around on his side until he died.

              The moral of the story? As Americans we have been losing our freedoms a little bit at a time for a very long time. If you are like the goldfish you may be under the impression you will never lose all your freedoms. Please think again! It is a terrible mistake to assume that freedom is free and without cost. The freedoms we enjoy and take for granted have been paid for in blood, from the bloody footprints in the snow and ice of Valley Forge to foreign shores.

            3. The way that you describe freedom makes it clear how scared conservatives are. They view freedom as a limited commodity and can’t imagine the ocean that exists outside of their goldfish bowl. One rarely hears how freedom is tied to responsibility and the vast majority of US citizens think that freedom is connected to bloodshed. The truly free only exist when they live in a society where everyone is obedient to the laws of the land when those laws are just and protect the weakest of the land.

              Let go of your hate and start loving your neighbours. Also, communism takes the incentive away from a person to work for their own self interest and capitalism takes away a person’s interest in social responsibility for the weakest in the land.

  2. No need for critics to go all ad hominem on Daisey and attack his weight. We all know he is a big guy. Please take the high road and just talk about him being a chronic, self-serving liar.

      1. Slams about his weight are low hanging fruit. A shame to see MDN go that route. But then again it’s the only fruit children can usually reach. 🙁

        1. MDN talked about Rob “donut” Glaser that way, and makes fun of Balmer in similar fashion and Mike Dell.. It’s childish perhaps but no need to turn it into a political correctness witch hunt.

          This Daisey asshole opened himself up to this, I say it’s open season on him and anything negative that can be said about him is fully justified.

          1. Liberals only get upset when you make fun of one of their own. It’s completely fair game to them to call a conservative anything under the sun. Go to hell libs.

        2. He is immensely overweight and it is his fault. His grotesque obesity, with certain attendant stretch marks, is a testament to his weak moral fiber. He is a liar and a glutton. A disgusting fat, lazy pig.

          The more we excuse gluttony, the more we call being fat “a condition,” the more we will all pay – for the health care of spineless pigs devoid of willpower.

          Fat people were shamed not so long ago and – guess what? – not so long ago we had far fewer fat fucks roaming the earth looking for shit to constantly pack into their pie holes.

          1. I’m sorry you’re so angry and confused. It will help if you allow the possibility that you’re wrong to take hold in your soul. It is the first step toward not being an insufferable d-bag.

          2. Let me play devil’s advocate then. Steve Jobs was too skinny and weak by his own choosing because he was a vegan? Granted the cancer caused it but would a more diverse and nutritious diet have kept him stronger and healthier for longer? Did he have weak moral fiber because he may not have done what might have been better for his health? I don’t see anyone making fun of him for his choices (nor should they) and the same should apply here.

            There is plenty to attack about this guy that is actually relevant.

            1. Hardly. We have much more important things to worry about. Like reversing the endless piles of filth and waste and freedom robbing – constitution bashing – and private property theft you libs commit every waking minute. Don’t worry, we’re more than up to the task. We’re coming for you at the polls this November you socialist!

      2. Funny how a person’s “physiology” changes with proper eating habits and a bit of exercise.

        99.99% of the morbidly obese people are, as “Medical Doctor” states below, lazy, selfish, and lacking in even minimal willpower.

        The only people who will argue are those who are fat because they are lazy, selfish, and lack willpower.

    1. another reason not to comment on his weight is that extremist bleeding hearts will EXCUSE Daisey’s actions because:

      :”he’s been psychologically hurt due to years of inhumane treatment of others that did not understand his eating disorders”
      They will trot out how he was teased in school, how he couldn’t fit into a bus seat etc.
      Entire editorials will written up in the press, the American Life will dedicate follow up stories “Mike Daisey and how America’s Misuderstanding of Eating Disorders Hurt Others”

      THEN: Oprah, Dr. Phil etc will have him in their talk shows and make him into a misunderstood HERO. The audience will stand up with TEARS in their EYES and APPLAUD Mike. He will be a BIGGER STAR and be featured in Subway commercials, and be honored by medical colleges specializing in eating disorders (who receive grants from Diet Pill companies)…

      PEOPLE you KNOW what I say is the TRUTH…

      1. Except for the fact that there isn’t a soul out there, liberal or otherwise, who is saying such things.

        But it’s a good thing we have you here to slam people for things you THINK they’re going to say. Makes you look so clever!

    2. Well, it IS amusing how some upper-class guy who’s clearly spent the better part of his life stuffing his face with way, way too many pies has based a one-man play around the plight of the poor impoverished Chinese factory worker.

      A little dissonance there? Yeah, there might be.

  3. If nearly 30 years of practice, I’ve found that morbidly obese people like Mike Daisey are lazy, selfish, and lack willpower.

    Many, like Mike Daisey, are inveterate liars, too.

    1. Your practice will be over and done with if MaobamaSCARE isn’t repealed ASAP! Crush the medical industry because the liberals want a communist takeover of it. Not going to happen! It doesn’t work anywhere else in the world and hast destroyed health”care” everywhere it has been instituted.

      1. It might help if you ignorant redneck shitkickers actually knew what a Communist was. Unfortunately you are too poorly educated to ever understand. Bet you can’t even point to your own country on a map of the world, let alone those that are genuine Communist dictatorships, like Zimbabwe or North Korea. Shit, even China isn’t even properly Communist any more.

  4. When one LIES, when one intentionally defrauds, defames, destroys, and defiles he opens himself up to criticism of ALL makes and manners. Period. This ass-hat attempted to raise himself UP by bringing others DOWN . . . and that, AppBull, makes him vulnerable to any ad hominem attack we may wish to level upon him.

    He is a pig, a bloated Brobdingnagian bulk of a man, one who has rightfully reaped the contumely we now heap upon him. Shame on you, Mr. Daisey. Shame. And now go eat something (or someone).

    1. Wasn’t there another “Mike” who made a fortune from fabricating bullshit stories and calling them documentaries? You can’t blame Daisy for concocting a pack of lies just to fill his theatre seats when he’s seen the fawning of the left and media elites for that other “fat fuck of the lowest order”: Michael Moore. Thanks, Mike and Michael for showing us all how to lie for fun and profit.

      1. Apparently you have ignored the journalists who pursued the facts of the story:
        “The China correspondent for the public radio show Marketplace tracked down the interpreter that Daisey hired when he visited Shenzhen China. The interpreter disputed much of what Daisey has been saying on stage and on our show. On this week’s episode of This American Life, we will devote the entire hour to detailing the errors in “Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory.”

  5. Shades of Michael Moore. Everything is absolutely irrefutably true until he’s caught lying; then it’s all artistic license.

    The guy is a flaming shit truck, just like his obvious hero.

  6. Some people should, perhaps, first go out to chase after getting a brain before criticizing those who, at least, try to dig under the thin surface of appearances…
    Nice bunch of volunteer victims of their refusal…

  7. I have a thyroid condition.

    (Of course, I’m lying about that, too. I’m really just another lazy fat fsck. Come to any Wal-Mart at any time to see us on display. Hippos on parade. The zoo is always open!)

    1. Yeah but liberal-commies hat Walmart because it isn’t UNIONized. Idiots. I don’t like going to Walmart but it helps many people much, much, more than the Liberal-Tards in government.

  8. Welcome to FoxDailyNews, where Hoover Institution talking points stand in for critical thought and you can spot the lemmings by looking for the folks calling other people lemmings!

    Way to go MDN. Little do you know you’re in the middle of your own JPS hell.

    1. I know, let’s all turn on PMSNBC and listen to Rachel Madcow. She is always right. She’s not like those mean conservatives that rain on our parade with REALITY. Let’s censor out any mean conservative views and just bash the US, Constitution, Freedom, Fox News, Capitalism, and anything other great things so our Socialist fantasy world doesn’t implode on our tiny, minuscule, lemming-brains.

      1. And let’s pass some laws that anyone that disagrees with us must be crazy and lock them up in a loony bin just like they do in communist Russia and all the Dictatorships out there. Let’s trick everyone in the US to go along with our communist wet and evil dream.

  9. Ya know… I read the comments here to get my Mac love/Windows hate on. I really can’t stand that politics and it’s divisiveness have invaded the divisiveness here.

    1. anim-ate,

      don’t read the political ones if it’s sooooo Offensive to you to hear the other side.

      We’re all sure you want the other side banned though…..

      1. And how are we supposed to do that? Are the political comments marked “POLITICAL BULLSH*T” in big red letters?

        MDN should be ashamed of itself for allowing this crap to go on.


        1. Yes censor every conservative thought out there. Shut them down, round them up, take away their private property and rights. That will show the LORD COMMIE!

      2. Did I say that? I will gladly go to political sights for political news and moronic comments.
        When I come here I want the news and moronic comments relating to the Mac.

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