Apple firestorm leads Mike Daisey to change his ‘agony and ecstasy of Steve Jobs’ show

“Mike Daisey, the off-Broadway performer who admitted that he made up parts of his one-man show about Apple products being made in Chinese sweatshops, has cut questionable sections from the monologue and added a prologue explaining the controversy,” Mark Kennedy reports for The Associated Press.

“Oskar Eustis, artistic director of The Public Theater, where the monologue is being performed, said Saturday that Daisey has “eliminated anything he doesn’t feel he can stand behind” from the show and added a section at the beginning in which he addresses the questions raised by critics,” Kennedy reports. “Eustis called the prologue ‘the best possible frame we could give the audience for the controversy’ and said Daisey agreed to make the changes himself, which are ‘his and his alone.'”

Kennedy reports, “Daisey portrayed his work as fact during a media blitz to promote his critically acclaimed show, and he misled dozens of news and entertainment outlets, including the popular public radio show ‘This American Life,’ The Associated Press, The New York Times, MSNBC, and HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher.'”

“But in an interview with “This American Life” host Ira Glass broadcast Friday, Daisey acknowledged that some of the claims in his show, ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,’ weren’t true. The show retracted its Jan. 6 episode because Glass said he couldn’t vouch for the truth of its claims,” Kennedy reports. “Daisey, who admitted Friday on his website that the work is a mix of fact and fiction, did not respond to questions sent to his personal email account, and his publicist did not respond to a request for comment Saturday.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Caught ham-handed.

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  1. ” “Oskar Eustis, artistic director of The Public Theater, where the monologue is being performed, said Saturday that Daisey has “eliminated anything he doesn’t feel he can stand behind” from the show”

    So here’s the show.
    “Hi, my name is Mike Daisey.
    Thank you, and Goodnight.”

  2. Yep, that Ira Glass sure is a commie pinko … bent on destroying our way of life … if only McCarthy and J. Edgar were still around, fiends like him would never see the light of day. Ship’em all to Guantanamo, I say!

    1. Ira Glass denies a liberal bias in the media even as he admits that in “journalism, in general, reporters tend to be Democrats and tend to be more liberal than the public as a whole.”

      Unless he believes his own bullshit, he’s at least as big a liar as Mike Daisey.

        1. Liberal in which sense? The classical sense, perhaps.

          The modern so-called liberals talk about tolerance while being very intolerant and talk about compassion while having none. They have no respect for freedom, human dignity.

          Worse most of them have no consideration for alternate viewpoints. There’s very little to admire about modern liberals.

          But I suppose you could define hypocricy, hatred and intolerance as having a high IQ. Generousity tho? You have a very twisted dictionary.

        2. The trouble with that line of argument is that it assumes that all viewpoints are equal. When someone draws a conclusion from well-researched study and they are confronted with an alternative viewpoint that boils down to “God tells me this” or similar then of course they’re going to dismiss the opposing opinion.

          I’ll also point on on the respect for freedom etc. that only one political party’s supporters are suggesting actually amending the US Constitution to deny equality to others, and it isn’t the Democrats.

        3. Einstein’s politics cannot be defined by modern American political terms, nor can anybody else’s from outside the USA.

          For example, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is a conservative, yet still sees the need to carry out reform in many areas. Some Americans would call him a “pinko commie socialist” or whatever that stalker of mine on this site insists on posting constantly, but he’s a strong believer in smaller government, individual liberty and the free market operating under regulatory oversight. Those are conservative values, not corporate anarchy or theology as espoused by some.

        4. At the Ivy League University where I work, Liberal means judgmental, arrogant, and intolerant of anything other than Liberal ideals. They are the most self-rightous people I’ve ever worked with. If you have any other view they look down their nose at you like you just crawled out from under a rock. It’s sickening.
          Some of the wealthy Uber Liberal movie stars have no more brains than the majority of the liberal party who are all dropouts drawing Welfare with 5 kids in tow. There are your 2 voting party extremes: Rich Profs, music & movie stars & Welfare recipients, VS. business owners and the working middle class holding 2 jobs to pay for the majority of the Liberal voters who aren’t.

        5. Its a good thing you don’t influence our impressionable young minds. Oh wait you work at a university.

          It’s a good thing you don’t work at a corporate backed, corporate robot factory. Oh wait you do.

        6. show us the research! and as long as you can count al sharpton, he doesn’t merit the respect of being referred to as Reverend, among your tribe, i wouldn’t be casting aspersions on anyone else’s IQ.

        7. Says you! There’s simply no basis for your claims.

          Intelligent? Ha! Most liberals couldn’t create or run a business if their lives depended on it. Obama never created a dollar’s worth of wealth in his entire career – except maybe for his buddies. Name a prominent liberal intellectual and I bet I can name a conservative who’s as smart or smarter.

          Generous? Ha! Maybe when spending other people’s money. Surveys consistently show that conservatives are more generous, giving a higher proportion of their income to charity, than are liberals. Joe Biden is typical of many liberals who are very stingy with their personal giving, yet are very generous when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

          Now if you said liberal means arrogant, close-minded when facts and experience challenge their ideology, and inclined to impose their will on those they deem “beneath” them, I’d agree with you.

          Full disclosure: I’m a former liberal. So did my IQ (in the top 5%) go down, and my two college degrees turn meaningless when I moved “right”? Or did opening my eyes show me I’m smart than those who choose not to?

      1. I deny a liberal bias, while also admitting that most reporters could also be democrats and liberals.

        In other news my house painter denies painting most houses orange, even while admitting orange is his favorite color.

        Food delivery people are claiming they deliver the food that people order while at the same time claiming that it is often not the food they themselves would prefer.

    2. Guantanamo! Waaaayyy too good for ’em I say. Let’s just crack out the pointy white hoods. Hell, let’s just really go for it — a nice mix of the Spanish Inquisition, witch killings, the Taliban and the Klan. They all deserve to die. Die I tell you. Die! Die!

      1. Sea-Ass,

        Another incredibly idiot liberal post by you. Par for the commie course. KKK is big in the Democrat party, you troll.

        And Guantanamo is too good for those terrorist scum. You should move to the middle east, d-bag!

    1. So you have no problem with someone making wild and false allegations about the labor conditions for producing goods in China, nor any problem with the liberal media accepting everything said without criticism or verification?

      I’m guessing you are critical of Fox News and consider CNN and the NYT unbiased sources.

      1. Didn’t say I had no problem with….etc. etc. And FYI, the conservative media (yes they exist too) plays the same game as the liberal media. They’re both bleeding hearts in very twisted, yet different ways. Such a strange polarity.

        1. No the conservative media is just exposing the TRUTH that the liberal media spends every minute of the day trying to hide. We know what’s going on, you fool.

  3. I agree 100% with you. Mike Daisey defended his untruths by stating he is not a journalist but is an author and entertainer. As such he reserves the right to use some literary license.

    The trouble is, he told the producers of “This American Life” that all his allegations were true.

    Earth calling Mr. Daisey: that makes you a LIAR!

    1. He only did it after he was caught, now he hides behind the theatrical moniker, and not a journalist as he falsley pushed himself to be before hand.

      He changed the rules to fit what he was caught at doing, he took no resposobilty for his lies, and only after he was caught, still didnt admit he lied.

      We have a new name for being duped now, it’s called,

      ” you’ve been daisied “

    2. It’s called the “Fox News Defense”. They also claim to be entertainers and therefore not bound by any need to tell the truth or refrain from misrepresentation and hyperbole.

        1. Actually, Fox News wrote it in a letter to CNN in the Fall 0f 2009:

          CNN described Fox’s statement this way: “In a written statement given to CNN, Fox News said its programming was comparable to the editorial page of a newspaper.”

          The fact that Fox says its programming is based on opinions not facts would likely come as a shock to Fox viewers — but, of course, they’ll never know about it. Fox will protect them from this harsh reality the same way it deals with all news that makes conservatives look badly: by not covering it.

          Here’s the statement by Fox to CNN:

          “An increasing number of viewers are relying on Fox News for both news and opinion,” Fox News Senior VP Michael Clemente said in the statement, “and the average news consumer can certainly distinguish between the A-section of the newspaper and the editorial page, which is what our programming represents.

          Sorry, no biscuit for you, Sparky

  4. Mike, Mike, Mike…that’s not how credibility works, buddy. You barely had it before people knew the truth, because you talked the talk and the media couldn’t be bothered to check your sources.

    Now that we know what you are – and the extent of your deception – nothing you have written, nothing you say – will ever be believed. As FTB said, the only honest performance you could give at this point would involve standing mute for an hour.

    It doesn’t matter what you can “stand behind” anymore, Mike. You’re a belligerent, lying fuck and I hope to god no one exchanges money to sits in front of you ever again. Congratulations on setting the Chinese fair labor movement back to zero, you narcissistic prick.

  5. In the past month or so I have limited my responses to politroll posts, of which yours are the archetype on this forum. But, on occasion, I like to ridicule your absurdity and watch you splutter with outrage.

    I see that you fail to give any credit to “This American Life” for broadcasting a full one-hour retraction. You may not recognize a genuine retraction because you have experienced very few on your side of the political tracks.

    Your posts, F10T12, are the model of fact mixed with fiction. You take one thing, exaggerate it, link it with everything else that you don’t like, then claim it is representative of everyone who dares to disagree with you.

    Tunnel vision is too generous a term for your affliction. Your mindset and worldview couldn’t be any narrower if you were observing everything through a carbon nanotube. You seem awfully afraid of everything that does not fit your paradigm, and you are doomed to a pitiful existence full of despair. Because if you happen to be correct about the future under a second Obama term, then you are very likely to experience your worst nightmare. Because none of the Republican candidates has a good chance of winning unless the Republicans in Congress succeed in their efforts to undermine the Obama administration by undermining the country.

    You and others on this forum will quickly label me with your classics like “socialist” and “commie.” But you clearly don’t understand me at all. I do not oppose you because you oppose Obama. I oppose you because your disparaging, hate-dripping, self-righteous posts are so typical of the extreme. You would rather blame someone or some group than seek a solution. You would rather label than attempt to understand, debate, and reach a compromise.

    If there were a better Presidential candidate – male or female, or Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian – who was superior to Obama, then that person would get my vote. But Romney? Gingrich? Santorum? I don’t think so. Ron Paul is the best of the bunch and highly consistent in his message. But he doesn’t have a chance of winning the nomination.

    One of the only things that I can be sure of in this world is that I should be very wary about any candidate that draws your advocacy. You are my most reliable contrarian indicator.

    You should plan for another 4-1/2 years of hell, F10T12. I’m sure that you will be complaining and blaming others the whole frigging time. Because nothing is your fault and you are never wrong.

    1. “You and others on this forum will quickly label me with your classics like “socialist” and “commie.” But you clearly don’t understand me at all. I do not oppose you because you oppose Obama. I oppose you because your disparaging, hate-dripping, self-righteous posts are so typical of the extreme. You would rather blame someone or some group than seek a solution. You would rather label than attempt to understand, debate, and reach a compromise”

      I think I understand your point of view. I get exceedingly tired of the narrow minded and intolerant attitude of what has become an insufferably arrogant left.

      I don’t like Obama as a president and did not vote for him, but I can’t blame you for not being excited about the republican candidates.

      I can understand why you get tired of F10T12 rants. I try to avoid a lot of political rants on here as most people are not interested in my political views.

      1. You two trolls are Pathetic!!!!! Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and my dog spot are light years better than the COMMIE in chief, Obamanidagene! Keep drinking the KOOL AID ladies.

    2. only thing I agree is that there will be another 4 years of hell, but your take (my assumption from reading) that Obama is better for the country. No, I do not think so. I also laugh at how you say the Republican Congress will undermine President Obama’s second term, like when the House and Senate were in Democratic hands, they did not do the same to Republican presidents? I do not like both parties because BOTH are just after being in power thats all. Just different ways how the parties deliver their message but they are after their own interests and the american citizen comes a distant second.

      1. Then vote Conservative every freaking time and you will have no problems. The next best thing to conservative is to hold your nose and vote RINO! Anything right of the community organizer, phony records-Maobama is better.

    3. Well said KM. Thank you.

      Funny how Ron Paul is the only one of that bunch worth respecting, even if he has been entirely too cozy with white supremacy groups.

      Obama isn’t everything I had hoped for, but it was the first time in many years that I had someone to vote for instead of attempting to keep somebody else out of office. Felt good, and could have, would have been a lot worse had it gone the other way. Palin as VP? Honestly?

      Qualifying for Mensa does not make me a liberal. I’m not a knee-jerk anything. I’ve never been a registered for either side of the political aisle and I have voted for candidates as I’ve seen fit depending upon the and the circumstances. Provide a better candidate than Obama and I will gladly support that person (male or female, regardless of color, creed or lack thereof.)

      The problem is that the world desperately needs somebody in their right mind for this job, and very few people in their right mind are interested. Even fewer are potentially electable, due to their lack of sufficient appeal to religious groups, or their sexual orientation, or their inability to play along with those who really pull the economic strings long enough to gain their trust.

      1. Some points were ok. But you voted for Maobama???? Sad. Sad. Sad. Palin would be above and beyond better than the communist in charge now. November 2012 will end that in a LANDSLIDE LOSS for the One.

  6. ““eliminated anything he doesn’t feel he can stand behind”


    “kept only the lies that haven’t yet been exposed”

    trust NOTHING the ass says.

  7. It’s sad that this site now degenerates into exaggerated, hyperbolic political ranting so frequently. And no, I’m neither a ‘liberal lemming’ nor an ‘ignorant Republican’ – just an Apple enthusiast.

    Would anyone else like to discuss Apple news, or the article?

  8. Mike Daisey is, has been, and always will be a nobody. A fat bastard POS that would cling onto anything to make him a few bucks. His gall is unprecedented.

  9. what does this tell us about ‘journalistic integrity’ when it comes to Apple (write negative apple stories and get ratings): MSNBC, TAL, NYT etc. ? The Dude went through ALL their ‘checks’ . He wasn’t even discovered by the American Life but an associate program …

    my two cents: journalistic integrity and skill : ZERO.

    anybody see any apologies from the rest of the idiots who hosted the liar?

    1. I wish it was that simple. The sad truth is there’s a political agenda behind that lack of integrity. In the US the media will be far more likely to accept what you say if it aligns with their left of center pro Democrat agenda, and far more likely to be critical of it if you are right of center or pro Republican, and last but maybe worst of all to ignore what you say if you don’t speak from one of the two polar extremes.

  10. The guy is clearly a scum bag and any company that is willing to continue hosting this human trash is even worst than him.

    It just shows the disgusting depravity of the modern news media.

    There is nothing worst than a liar.

  11. What always got me about this story is how Daisey defended himself by insisting that his one man show was “theater” and not “journalism”.

    Question: Was there any kind of disclaimer handed out or read to the audience before the show, informing everyone that not statements in the monologue should be taken at face value? I highly doubt it. And if so, he really can’t make that defense.


  12. When you accuse, you never mix facts and fiction. This is simply bull crap. This guy is out to make a buck by sensationalizing a non story. I am sure that things are not as good in China as anybody would hope them to be, but there is also a reason why it’s the 1# emerging economy in the world. Everything has a price, and the Chines government have decided the this way benefits the majority. If it does or doesn’t is not Apple’s problem to solve.

    1. I’m sorry, but we are having security escort you out of this forum for being way to logical, rational and sane. Troublemakers like you have no place in this “fair and balanced” discussion…security!


      1. It isn’t anyone’s problem. The people working in those jobs are lining up for blocks to get them. You liberal-Tards never met a job that you didn’t want to ruin.

  13. See here’s the thing:

    You are right about the ridiculous amount of animus that exists in political discourse these days.

    You are wrong that most of it comes from the left. The right wing for decades has made demonizing liberalism and attacking and dehumanizing liberals their main propaganda tactic.

    That is not to say that left-wingers never say anything stupid, mean-spirited or judgmental. But there is no possible way you can paint this to be a problem only or mostly on the left.

    For example, conservatives love to paint NPR as ridiculously liberal. Well, let’s just say for a moment that this is the case. Then why are the reporters and interviewers almost unwaveringly calm, polite and respectful? When conservative politicians are interviewed for a story (and they routinely are), they are never yelled at, attacked or shut down. Often they are not even challenged when they make blatantly false statements because of the underlying attitude of respect in the interviews.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I ALWAYS try my best to listen and be open to differing opinions and points of view. For me (and many so-called liberals I know) the more heated rhetoric is born of frustration with people that, like you say, are so attached to their views and are so righteous about them that they absolutely will not entertain any piece of information that contradicts them, no matter how factual (FYI I get just as frustrated with liberals that are like this).

    Also, it is ridiculous to say that the left dominates the media. Most media are corporate- and profit-driven these days. And just because a reporter might be a Democrat doesn’t mean they are incapable of trying to gather and present facts in an unbiased way. Obviously that isn’t true across the board, but an organization that values objectivity but that might be staffed by liberals is in no way automatically to be equated with a blatantly biased and partisan organization like Fox.

    It’s great that you rather calmly lament the amount of invective in our political discussion these days. But to then paint it as mostly an issue on the left demonstrates a certain amount of cognitive dissonance.

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