Apple iPad 3 demand ‘chaotic’

“Apple Inc.’s iPad 3 [sic] was in short supply on Friday as demand soared when Dayton-area customers lined up outside local stores to buy the new mobile tablet,” Ginger Christ reports for The Dayton Business Journal. “But Monday is when local Mac-heads should have a better shot at bringing home a coveted new iPad.”

“Apple third generation iPad tablet sold out prior to its March 16 launch, leaving many retailers without stock when the witching hour came,” Christ reports. “The Cupertino, Calif.-based company even delayed delivery of the iPad 3 to March 19 for many individuals who pre-ordered the tablet, except those on the front end of the ordering spree. According to the Apple Web site, new orders placed via Apple won’t be shipped for another two to three weeks.”

Christ reports, “While some stores in the Dayton region had a limited supply of iPads on the launch date, most, including MacTown, an authorized Apple retailer, won’t get sizeable shipments in until March 19, said Brad Ditzell, manager at MacTown. For the past week, employees at the two area MacTown stores have been taking orders — by phone, e-mail and in store. While Ditzell wouldn’t reveal the number of orders the stores have logged, he did say it’s been ‘chaotic.’ Customers were waiting outside both locations when the doors opened March 16.
‘This launch is drastically more significant than the iPad 2 launch,’ he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I pre-ordered mine and received it yesterday. It is nothing short of fantastic. Speed tests today for AT&T LTE were over 40mbps. Amazing speed. And so fast with the apps. I had to turn off iTunes match on my 1st gen iPad due to performance issues. Yahoo!!

    1. bastard.

      I got mine yesterday and enabled the data today.. Only to find out I have the “4G” and not LTE. I’m not even on the list for upcoming LTE cities.. But neither is verizon though.

      Still faster data than 3G.

      And holy crap the display!
      Searching for new wallpaper at 2048 x 2048 isn’t easy yet.

      1. All my favorite wallpapers that I’ve used for years now suck. Gotta rebuild the image library now.

        It was common up until yesterday for Photoshop users to recommend saving images in 300dpi for print, and 72 for web use. Now with the prevalence of the mobile retina display devices, save everything in a high dpi.

    2. Car racing is fantastic on the new iPad – it’s almost like looking through a windshield. The details are incredible and the gameplay is great. Start bumping with your opponents and a fender pulls free and starts flapping, only to fly free after another rub or a high speed sprint.

      I had it on “easy” so far – need to turn down the auto-braking and such to make it more challenging.

    1. We definitely need one in the greater Dayton area. It sucks having to go to either Columbus or Cincinnati. The local news showed about forty people lined up at Best Buy to get an iPad.

    2. Don’t feel bad. The only store we have in Washington, DC is in out-of-the-way and no longer so “trendy” Georgetown. Other stores are in nearby suburbs. I could name three locations, any of which would be better for customers than Georgetown: Union Station, Gallery Place and Dupont Circle. Heck, throw in Metro Center and Farragut.

  2. I didn’t preorder. I didn’t get up early. I didn’t stand in line. But when I went to check out the display models at the Chicago Old Town Apple store, they had all but one model in stock. I grabbed a 64 GB AT&T iPad in black and now have it safely back home in Indiana.

    1. If you’re in Chicago, you have a new option: MacMall just opened a retail store at Grand & Orleans and there were no lines at all. If you need an iPad, go there.

    2. I picked one up at 7pm at a Best Buy on launch day… No waiting, choice of colors and options… Absolutely no problem… Don’t really understand the big deal about shortages… First place I went had plenty of stock and my order was filled.

  3. i went to the apple store here in Portland OR and there was a massive line outside. I was curious because it was full of homeless people and older immigrants. when I was leaving I watched one of the homeless people give an apple bag of 3-4 iPads to a black SUV parked down the street. it seems resellers are hiring people to stand in line?

  4. Just read that ” checks with Apple store in suburban Washington, D.C., show that the store received up to 15,000 iPads for the opening weekend. That points to a larger opening than even the most bullish analysts expect.”

  5. Yes – and even if you made the earliest pre-order, with packages leaving China on the 9th, UPS screwed you by holding shipments up for at least 5 days. I am furious with the Useless Parcel Service and launched a petition to have Apple boycott them

    1. Did you receive yours on March 16th? If so, that was what Apple promised for early pre-orders. If not, then you might have a little beef. But, even then, you should take a deep breath and let the stress and anger go. It just isn’t worth it.

    2. I’ve had this experience many times. If you order a new product, it arrives on the day of release. Apple sends it early to make sure it arrives on time, but instructs the carrier to hold it until the delivery date. No one gets special treatment. Nothing is delivered before the appointed time, and since it was sent early, none are delivered late.

      If you get it earlier than the release date, it’s the carrier’s mistake.

  6. If demand is chaotic, why all the stories about thinned crowds and empty Apple retail stores? Is that merely some blogger FUD to put a damper on a decent product launch? Did those low iPad sales stories cause Apple’s stock to take a “breather”? It’s hard to know which stories to believe.

    1. I think demand was just as high if not higher than previous launches, but Apple did a *much, much* better job with supply.

      Where I work, on previous launches we got 10 units, this launch we got 40. We also got a small shipment to supplement that on Saturday. I suspect we’ll get more on Monday/Tuesday as well. They had a lot more pre-orders available, and a lot more units in stock everywhere. As a result, there hasn’t been the crazy searching-everywhere problem that we’ve had on previous launches (especially the iPad 2 launch).

      The flip side is that a lot of people act like the launch didn’t go as well as previous ones, when really, it went much smoother due to better supply.

      At least this will shut up the “Apple limits supply on purpose to create an artificial frenzy” crowd.

  7. There were people standing in line at the large Apple Store 20 miles east of here. Radio Shack, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target were out of stock. So I went to the Apple Store in an outer suburb. The store was crowded, but no more than usual. The people in the iPad line had come and gone. The Apple employees at the front of the store looked like they were cleaning up after a surge of customers. The security guys were engrossed in conversation.

    They had all variations in stock. My receipt says I bought it at 2:43 pm.

    I guess it’s like real estate: location, location, location.

    1. My IT guy and I were installing some new point of sale hardware and the going was rough (started at 7pm.) I joked that if we took long enough I could go by Walmart on the way home and see if they were selling them after midnight. REALLY did not intend to buy any and struggled whether or not to go in Walmart (I really dislike them.)

      I did go in, they had to get a security manager to get them out of the back. Got 2 WIFI 32 gig. Another guy was casually waiting by and wanted one also. The security guy told him that it would have to be a different versions because I had bought all of that particular model. (I am guessing they got 2 of each model here in east central Alabama.)

  8. Ordered my black AT&T 64 from PowerMax to save tax but they only got a handful of 32s Friday. Hopefully they’ll get a lot more next week. Let the chaos ensue.

  9. Walked into the Polaris Apple store here in Columbus at 9:00 PM…still had to wait in line but not real long. They had my model in stock! I believe Apple was more prepared than ever for the new iPad launch.

  10. Went to the Apple store at 9:00 am to pick up a case for my husband.d i was shocked it was dead. They told me 40 people walked in at 8 am and that was it. Our preordered ones arrived via
    FedEx at 11 am. Happy campers we are!

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