Apple’s new iPad’s A5X processor trounces Nvidia Tegra 3 in 3D graphics

“Apple’s claim that the new iPad’s A5X processor outperforms the Nvidia Tegra 3 when it comes to graphical power seems to be accurate — or at least that’s what a new test shows,” Sam Kieldsen reports for CNET UK.

“Australian tech blogger Richie ran a benchmarking test (video below) pitting the new iPad against the Tegra 3-equipped, Android-powered Asus Transformer Prime, and found that the dual-core/four-graphic-core A5X gave much better results than the quad-core/12-graphic core Tegra 3,” Kieldsen reports. “Richie, who says he was sceptical of Apple’s launch day claims, use GLBenchmark to run the test. With 3D graphics, the Transformer Prime scored 60 and 73fps respectively in GLBenchmark’s Egypt and Pro tests, while the new iPad scored 140 and 250fps. Round one to Apple.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If someone you know buys an Asus Transformer Prime (to go along with their Zune, presumably), please have their head checked immediately.


    1. i can tell you after having my new iPad for one day the unsung hero of the new features is “dictation”…,it works with any app that requires a keyboard and if you can speak English the way it expects you to your typing days are Over..,have not typed ONE character since I started using it yesterday… Outstanding!!!!!

    1. you definetly know where the GPU is! It gets warm for sure..but for people to get upset about it is laughable. More power = more heat, typically..and if people expect the iPad to stay cool while playing games is rediculous.

  1. Watched video. Story should renamed:

    Apple Graphics kicks Tegra in the teeth. Takes its wallet. Calls their family members and tells them Tegra has been served.

  2. I’ve always found Apple’s testing specs to be exactly as they state. Clearly, not all cores are created equal. That’s the benefit of customization.

    1. I’ll bet you anything that A5X is not going to be used in the next iPhone. It’ll destroy the battery life, and it’s unnecessarily powerful, and probably too big. I bet they’re making an A6 processor for it, with more focus on processor power and efficiency than graphics. The A6X will be the 4th gen iPad’s processor.

  3. The Droidtards and NViDIA are going to hate hearing these findings. They’re probably suspecting that Apple paid these testers to favor the A5X. After all, the Droidtards constantly claim that Apple is always behind the curve in hardware. NVIDIA is certain that their quad-core processor should be far faster than some ancient dual-core that’s probably modestly clocked. NVIDIA basically said that Apple was lying about the iPad’s performance compared to the Tegra 3. Benchmarks really aren’t all that important as long as users are satisfied with the overall performance of the device. I guess NVIDIA is going to have to retaliate with some specialized benchmarks of their own.

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