Paul Thurrot reviews new Apple iPad: ‘The best tablet on the market by far; the only tablet currently worth considering’

“Apple’s latest iPad is a largely evolutionary device with an amazing, revolutionary new screen that puts it leagues above the competition,” Paul Thurrott writes for Supersite for Windows. “Already the best of the tablets, the new iPad extends Apple’s lead and puts Android and Windows 8 on notice: The bar has been raised yet again.”

“It is beautiful to look at, a joy to use, blessed with the best screen on any mobile (or desktop) device, and backed by the strongest ecosystem of software and content on earth. The iPad line has risen from its paltry beginnings as a giant iPod touch to become the backbone of a new computing revolution,” Thurrott writes. “For many people, this is all the computing power and capability that will ever be needed.”

Thurrott writes, “The new iPad raises the bar yet again, extending Apple’s lead in this important new market that promises to redefine how we think of “personal computers.” I think it’s time for some name changes, frankly. The iPad, today, is the only truly personal “personal computer”, if you will… Yes, I wish it was cheaper, and I won’t stop beating that drum, sorry. And yes, I wish Apple would unshackle some of the closed box features that make this device less accessible and extensible. But the company is going to sell these things by the truckload. And they deserve it. The new iPad is just new enough, and just revolutionary enough, to keep the party rolling. This is the best tablet on the market by far. Heck, it’s the only tablet currently worth considering.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even a blind nut finds a squirrel once in a while.

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  1. Giant iPod touch is exactly right, and at the same time tragically wrong.

    A doll house is just a very small miniature house, but that doesn’t mean it can be used the same way as the full size version.

    1. Paul Thurrott is not a “misguided pro-Microsoft” anything. He is guided by what he believes will make him the most money. So, now he thinks that Apple is ahead. At one time he thought that Microsoft was ahead. There is no ethics involved. There are no technical considerations involved. Only thoughts of money for Paul Thurrott are involved.

      1. ““It is beautiful to look at, a joy to use, blessed with the best screen on any mobile (or desktop) device, and backed by the strongest ecosystem of software and content on earth. ”

        Of course, we will have to wait and see what he says when the windows 8 tablets start to come out. Bread is buttered, after all. LOL


  2. I am amazed to see a glowing review from a usually apple hating writer. Perhaps Paul is more interested in undercutting android, in preparation for Windows tablets down the road. Otherwise, this is unfathomable.

    1. A few years ago, MS-lover Dvorak declared something like, “As everyone knows, OS X is the best operating system.”

      I think what it was for him, and now for Thurrott, is that things have swung so far, they EVENTUALLY realize they just look stupid, coming out with the same incessant less-believable-by-the-day drivel.

      1. Nah Paul is just another windows user who woke up to the garbage coming out of Redmond thanks to apple and their great products.

        We should celebrate his review cause even MS’s strongest allies are seeing the light!

  3. Wait until you try the dictation feature…. My sister even after seeing the new screen , how fast it was etc was still saying no, I don’t need one…. Showed her dictation a few minutes ago… She left to go get her new iPad immediately!!!!

  4. From his previous article.

    When the iPad was first announced in early 2010, I derided it as a giant iPod touch, a statement that’s absolutely true but, in hindsight, misses the point completely .

  5. If this had been the first iPad that Apple had just released these “technology writers” would still have been asking where is the REMOVABLE BATTERY, where is the SD card slot, where is the HDMI ports and USB ports, where is the slid away KEYBOARD, where is the bicycle like pop out STAND, where is the….well you get the idea. The only reason they praise the iPad NOW is because……….well I am not quite sure if they have at last seen the error of their ways or are they just saying this to “set up” future reviews of their future W8 tablets. E.g. ” I said several months ago that the iPad was the best tablet in the world, but hold the presses, this w8 beats it……blah blah blah”.

    Am I just a little suspicious? Or CAN a leopard change its spots?

    1. yes, where IS the USB port ? Still a huge shortcoming. Many times have I wanted to get files on friends USB’s but could not. Pain in the F-ing ass my iPad can’t get files from a USB key.

  6. I think the fud masters are. Indeed setting up the debut of windows 8. There is no accounting for what is going on. They are indeed Apple haters and its impossible to explain their current views.

  7. Paul Thurrot?! Who gives a shit what Paul Thurrot thinks? He’s been beating the same drum for years as a self-appointed expert – now suddenly he’s credible because he posts one decent review?

    Shame on MDN.

  8. There has been so little good to write about in the Windows world for someone like Thurrot that I’m sure his paychecks have been getting extremely small lately. It’s no fricken wonder why he can’t afford $499.00 for an iPad There is absolutely no way Android or Windows can build a comparable computer even if they cloned it for anywhere near $499. There is so much technology in this thing that the competition needs to seriously just give up.

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