Apple avoids showcasing Google Maps in iPad promotional material

“As further evidence that Apple plans to transition away from Google Maps in iOS, the company uploaded to its Web servers — but chose not to publish — images of Google’s mapping data on the new iPad,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The specific exclusion of Maps from the promotional material is noteworthy because Apple’s map software for iOS still relies on mapping data from Google,” Hughes reports. “There have been numerous indications that Apple plans to transition away from Google Maps in iOS in favor of its own mapping solutions.”

Hughes reports, “Most recently, Apple chose not to use Google Maps for mapping data in the new iOS version of iPhoto. Instead, Apple has implemented data from the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Apple has also acquired a number of mapping companies in recent years, including Poly9 in 2010 and Placebase in 2009. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bing Maps, especially “Bird’s Eye,” are better than Google Maps. If even Microsoft can do better, imagine what Apple could do.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t it has anything to do with how good google can do maps on iOS. I think it has to do with how many features or how close to it’s own Android Maps and Navigation it wants to do for Apple’s iOS! I really wish Apple would do something to improve this native app on it’s platform as it’s the one glaring shortcoming. Most people don’t want to spend extra money, especially $50 on Navigon! Great app and worth the money, but not everyone will agree.

  2. Interestingly, the invite to the event showed three Apps: Calendar in the center, Keynotes on right side, and Maps on the left. Before the event, I thought there must be something about the Maps Application and I expect they move away from Google Map.

  3. Bing’s Birds eye view is great if you don’t mind largely outdated image overlays.

    I’ve found many cases where Bing will show a streetview or birds eye view that is sometimes 4-6 years old. Google Maps Sat imagery is updated more often than Bing it appears.

    1. You are right about birdseye view. Here in Silicon valley most of them are more than 5 years old. Google maps are not more than 2 years in any area I have found. And I really like the GEarth feature of historival coverage. The map used in iPhoto places is crummy in my view.

  4. Please not Bing maps. More wrong locations than Google in my experience. Since Facebook uses Bing maps, it’s become more irritatingly obvious to me that Bing is on the bong when it comes to maps. In the last weekend’s rally to fight to get a full public inquiry into election fraud during the last election, which probably tipped the balance in a squeeker of a vote, Bing showed the rally point over a mile away from the correct location, and in a somewhat dangerous area. Thanks, Microsoft, for all your help!

  5. I was looking at the Apple maps available in iPhoto and straight off noticed an error local to me in that the label for Watford is quite a way NNE from it’s actual location.

    Personally I use a mix of all the services. I do like the Bing rotating Birds Eye View and the OS and London A-Z overlays.

  6. F Goople. Oh by the way, its interesting how Google has monopolized search results for images. Compare results with Yahoo and Google. Yahoo ( powered by BING yuck ) results are pathetic. Google results are like forever…. I wish we have an alternative to both.

  7. According to googlemaps my street doesn’t exist anymore. Live in a rural area and about a year ago a lot of the secondary roads around here disappeared. Comes up fine in Open Street maps tho. Visible on sat view, but no name. Look up Clearview Road, michelago, NSW, Australia in them all. Only open street shows it. Given that secondary/dirt roads make up over 50% of roads in Oz you can see how useless Googlemaps is now. OSM may not be as good but at least it’s getting better 😉

    Hopefully Apple goes with OSM with custom data. The OSM website is kinda shite so a apple interface would be good.

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