NovelPoint sues Apple, most of PC industry in patent cash grab

“An unusually ambitious patent lawsuit filed late last week, and published Monday, is hoping to profit from the rest of the industry’s work,” Electronista reports.

“Largely unknown NovelPoint Security LLC has sued 35 mostly major companies over two patents for a ‘method for limiting computer access to peripheral devices’ and a ‘network security system allowing access’ based on master tokens,” Electronista reports. “The sweeping nature of the patent includes virtually every major PC and electronics builder, including Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. Other broader technology firms like General Dynamics, Motion Computing, and Motorola Solutions are also targets.”

Electronista reports, “NovelPoint is relatively transparent in its motives and doesn’t make any call for a ban, instead simply asking for the court to provide financial rewards in damages.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. this is the kind of retarded thing people say about Apple when they are litigating. Derp Derp. Funny. You invented _____ and now you want _____. Keep it to yourself… It’s not clever

    1. actually, this is all very entertaining!!

      I certainly do NOT want to see an end to lawsuits. They inform you of all the stupid ways ideas are thought of, things invented, and IP protected.

      Who knows. Novelpoint …er…Nopoint may have valid IP. Let an impartial judge decide.

      I just realized, the company’s name is “No Point”….now…if that doesn’t make you LOL

        1. Now you’re just being silly. Jesus said nothing like that at all. I dinctintly remember it was something like:
          “Blessed are the cheese-makers…For they shall inherit the earth”
          Now bugger off big nose.

          1. Actually it could be interpreted this way..

            Jesus said woe to you to the scribes n Pharisees…

            These people were sticklers for the letter of the law not the essence of the law.
            So when God gave the law He did it for the good of people but Pharasees turned it into a burden for people and a way of claiming importance over them.

            Now surely the essence of the patent law is to protect invention and investment. But by using the letter of the law, a troll company can sue and get money off an innovative manufacturer. This has the opposite effect of what was intended..maybe

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