Apple’s new iPad: Leaving the competition in the dust

“It would be extremely difficult to make the case that any competitive tablet in 2012 and perhaps even 2013 can hold a candle to the new iPad,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “ot only do I not believe that Apple competitors fully understand the tablet market but they have also not been investing in the kind of technologies needed to compete in this market.”

“For many the tablet has simply been a me too strategy. Something that historically has either not worked or only worked for a short time thus not being sustainable,” Bajarin writes. “What you are forced to walk away with after evaluating the new iPad is that Apple is more serious about this new category of computing than anyone. I would also argue that they are also the best oriented to not only continue to define this new category of computing but to also dictate it as well.”

Bajarin writes, “So how do others compete? Honestly, at this point in time I am not sure. Apple’s vertically oriented strategy gives them such an advantage that makes competing with them, especially in tablets, extremely difficult.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Competition? Now just call the body count.
    Apple doesn’t need the Google’s filthy money… we need the blood from those vampires. Kill Android!!!!! and Google and all Samsung… with those stupid ads.
    Metro?…. is just a zombie clown.

  2. Leaving the competition in the dust

    For how long. With the billions that can be made from these sort of devices it does’nt take long for other companies to retool and bring out a better product and Samsung is the only company that can do it at the moment, even though they like ripping other companies product off.

    1. Nope… Because it’s ultimately Apple’s software, not hardware, that is the REAL differentiator. It’s software that provides most of the actual user experience. Apple’s built-in software plus App Store (combined with leading hardware) cannot be matched, let alone surpassed. Maybe Samsung and the rest can slap together components and try to “out-spec” Apple, but specs are NOT what make iPads so popular.

      I think this is the year the competition gives up trying to compete with iPad directly. Every attempt has lost money. The only company making “billions” on tablets is Apple.

      Going forward, the competition will focus on tablets that go where Apple will not go with iPad. With Windows 8, I think we will see the return of “convertible” tablets with built-in physical keyboards (kludge hardware for a kludge OS). We might see mega-sized tablets that are too heavy to hold and must be propped up on a desktop (more kludge). And we will see more ultra-low-end tablets, but the $199 Kindle Fire (a product that loses money per sale “by design”) is helping Apple by making the low-end unprofitable.

      1. Remember that video of a 100-year-old lady using an iPad?

        What they don’t tell you is that she totally ditched it for a Samsung GalaxyTab Note since she could root it and install Cyanogenmod 4 with ICS. She wouldn’t stop talking about the quad-core Tegra 2 or how much RAM it has. She can see stats on all processes and threads running in kernel and user space. She was also excited about being able to use it as a remote for her GoogleTV, so she can watch the one website that still hasn’t blocked GoogeTV.

        When will Apple get smart about what average consumers want?

        1. I hope your post was meant as a joke. 🙂 Because it was pretty funny…

          > When will Apple get smart about what average consumers want?

          Last quarter, more iPads were sold than any one company sold Windows PCs. Apple is giving “average consumers” EXACTLY what they want. Specs for the sake of specs is mostly meaningless, in the tablet (iPad) market.

          1. Many ways to look at things – but the “people” have spoken – they love “iPad” and they are the consumers.

            Bill might not fit in to the average consumer and is frustrated with an iPad – he is right in this regard… a pro-level iPad-like device best come from Apple soon – if not – Apple will be way behind in innovation to the specific people who need these options. Will Apple take both ROADS? Consumer and ProUsers?

            The simplicity of my IMac on configuring and setting up things is the Apples way – simply working – yet with some level of deeper user experience – OSX provides this while iOS is the system for everyone else.

            In terms of sales and money – off iPAD wins BILL.

            1. I think there will be convergence, but the opposite of what you describe. At some point, iOS will become mature enough to be a “pro” (as you call it) OS. iOS will then become the “core” OS that powers ALL of Apple’s computing devices. The difference will be the GUI and the OS components that will be enabled, based on the specific type of device.

              On iPhone (and iPod touch), iOS will be optimized for a small touch-screen (where space is limited) and higher degree of voice interaction.

              On iPad, iOS will be optimized for a larger touch-screen, but with no Mac-like cursor (pointer) on the screen. There is no reason why it can’t be a “pro” device; iPads are already being used by professionals, for occupational functions.

              On Mac, iOS will be optimized for keyboard and mouse/trackpad interaction; user does not touch the screen directly. Plus Macs need a higher degree of compatibility, versatility, and raw computing power.

              On Apple TV (and the rumored complete “iTV”), iOS will be optimized for a simple remote control (with about six buttons) and a highly-controlled user experience.

              One core OS, many configurations and interfaces optimized for each specific type of device.

        2. Bill average consumers don’t want that – they want a device to simply work. I think there are people as you say. But they are not the masses. You speak of wonderful things that most do not understand or care for. That stuff is for the pro level users.

          My suggestion is – wait and see. The iPadPro or a MacBookSlate or iSlate or whatever the name is – when Apple provides the final knockout to counter Windows 8 Tablets – Android will already be vapour ware anyways.

          1. Very cool and very appreciated – thx Ken1w.
            I am not a technician or engineer. I understand what you are saying and sounds incredible and natural.

            And, at the same time, it would seem that OSX will then require almost an entire re-birth – re-write from the ground up – again. A total redo so iOS can sit at the core of this new OS. Amazing.

            I always thought iOS was born from OSX to start. What came first the chicken or the egg? Is this a time-travel scenario; John Connor or Marty Mcfly — which one will go back in time to create the future. Just joking, yet fascinating, most likely you are right and thanks to share.

        3. No link so I can only assume that was meant as humor. The idea of a 100 year old woman with vision problems bothering with hacking and rooting a cobbled together android device is pretty funny I have to give that to you.

          1. Well if Admiral Grace Hopper were alive today, she’d by 106 and she’d be the least likely to use an Android. She was the reported originator of the term “bug” when she found a moth trapped in a relay in a UNIVAC Mark II. She and Steve were kindred spirits.

            1. Admirable Grace Hopper reference. I’ll recommend you as an honorary member of the Pantheon of Female Computing Pioneers, alongside Ada Lovelace.

      2. I rather think both factors (software on the latest hardware) makes for a shiny Apple.

        I think this year Android will actually drop in market share and the public sees Google and Samsung products as dead-end none-upgradeable copycat products. And that, the only competition is Microsoft with fully running Windows 8 on a Tablet form. However, the UI and performance will be short liked by most who buy the devices – finding that swipe is non-intuitive and therefore not useful or enjoyable as Apple. That a tablet running Windows is nothing more then a slab of glass and Windows 7.

        Tablets will not be an enriched experience nor worthy devices to use. Definitely after a reign of the iPad and its popularity from what Apple has done.
        And, no matter what, Apple will counter attacks with a iPadPro device – based on the MacBookAir running full-blown OSX ML – the true and only iPad killer comes from the makers of iPad. Apple. The final knock out.

    2. With technology advancing at a pace exponentially – Apple has only a 6 month lead on products. in terms of research – innovation – and strategy; I believe Apple is still 3 years ahead.

      Andys’HandyDroid must die and MacroSloths WindBlows8 must remain a wasted attempt and the ButtBerry from Rum loses more money – then Apple is in the drivers seat. But a lead is not a win. Winning doesn’t matter – staying ahead and having happy customers is.

      1. In 3 years, exactly which Apple competitors will have each of the following:
        1. A worldwide network of over 400 stores.
        2. Over 100 million loyal fans and users, many willing to wait in long lines for new products.
        3. A large amount of cash, willing to spend large sums to secure up front guarantees on critical supplies, and buy out large amounts of air shipping capacity in bulk.
        4. A fully developed ecosystem that is well managed, trusted, and secure.
        5. A non fragmented OS with clearly defined product categories for developers to target, and over 250 million accounts with customers willing to pay for software.

        The fact that the 25 billionth iTunes App Store customer was from China, a country well known for pirating software speaks volumes.

        6. SIRI.

  3. Bajarin, Hah! Smug so-and-so. Just wait ’till the Professional-Grade Blackberry Playbook steals all of those silly iPad users. Then we’ll see who’s left holding the candle! Heh, heh, heh!

  4. Repeat after me: ‘There is NO competition!’ Apple has the iPad market. All the others have is a low margin wannabe Apple iPad ‘Tablet’ market. Apple is not in the ‘Tablet’ market. Apple has an entire ecosystem, all the others have is slab computer without an ecosystem. Apple has 100% of the iPad market, they ought to, they defined it; no one else can match it, period!!! 🙂

  5. With the new screen, I see Apple positioning the iPad for medical and others of the sciences. Seems to me it would be perfect for physicians and surgeons to read fine details on MRIs and other scans. Obviously, however, I’m neither physician nor surgeon, so I may be totally off base.

  6. Damn, someone finally gets it!! This article gets it bang on… Bloodbath and not jst this year and not just in the specs and not just the software… And not just pricing… Oh yeah it’s the developers too! You mean apple actually thought about developers and how to make their life easy too?? Damn – Game set match.

    Shit, after reading that the competition ( ahem I mean… well actually, what DO ya call them if they’re not really competing??) really is non existent!

  7. I have the iPad 1.
    Also bought iPhoto and let iTunes update all my prior purchases.

    All my iWorks and iLife iPad apps for iPad now – no longer work and I have no backup. See what can be done here – but its not a good day.

    1. Funny, I have an original iPad I’m using now. Upgraded iOS last night and all suggested apps. Everything works fine. Also, I could NOT get iOS iPhoto for iPad 1, as the app requires a camera. [Also upgraded 2 iPhones, and iPod Touch, as well as Mac apps on 3 Macs. No problems.

      1. Interesting – thx for your words.

        First I downloaded iTunes 10.6
        Then, I reformatted the iPAD 1 (64Gb, wifi/3g) wiping out everything.
        Next, on my iMac I allowed iTunes to upgrade all my purchases and bought iPhoto anyways – though noticed it would not function on iPAD1 after.

        Connected the iPad to the iMac and upgraded my device to iOS5.1.
        Lastly, I allowed syncing to the iPad and the message was – that Pages, Keynote and Numbers were not transferred and are not functional on this iPad.

        I have written Apple about this already – no reply yet.

    2. All downloaded from the CLOUD – but not sync from iMac and iTunes 10.6 — thx for your words and help.
      Happy again.

      iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Keynotes and Numbers all NEW and running on iPAD1… only iPhoto does not – and that was understood.

  8. Android army has been bragging on how Shamesung has smashed the iPhone in sales and shipments. Yet they are in serious denial on the real reason why it has beaten the iPhone. Until Shamesung and the other Android hardware makers adopt how they sell (give away) Android/Google Phones, they can never surpass the iPad in sales or volume.

    1. Also let’s not forget a very critical point. Phones are largely sold by carriers. How many Android customers get their phones anywhere outside of a cellular retail store?

      I’m wiling to bet the number is tiny. Android is popular because cellular networks have invested a lot of money behind promoting and selling it because it gives them a buffer against the iPhone. Without Android all carriers worldwide would be completely at Apples mercy.

      Android has allowed carriers to:
      1. Continue to load crapware and spyware on their customers handsets.
      2. Maintain a large measure of control over the devices on their networks and their customers. (example: when iPhone was released with a hotspot function Apple was not able to roll that out while on the same carriers some android phones could do this. This was because Androids existence allowed carriers to maintain their control rather than being at Apples mercy)
      3. Maintain control over sales of a large portion of handsets sold on their networks.

  9. Yes the new iPad is wonderful; an amazing screen and a powerful processor.

    And yet I still feel Apple could make the iPad killer.
    The (iPadPro) running full OSX 10.8.6 ML on a device like the MacBookAir – yet in a form factor with multi-touch and a retina screen.

    So, my guess is that it will happen. Seems logical. From the sales of the new iPad – demand for the iPad – will drive mass quality of these retina screens down – enabling a Pro level to occur shortly after. I hope Apple then provides also the Senseg Haptics Technology too – then the competition will be totally devastated.

    1. Nope. That’s not going to happen. Apple is intentionally keeping the OS for iPhone and iPad separate from the Mac’s OS. What Apple has done instead is carefully incorporate the “look” of iOS into Mac OS X, without adding the “touch” screen.

      Apple is NOT doing Windows 8, the ultimate kludge.

      Also, you won’t see a “Retina Display” (something that approaches even 200 pixels per inch) until the Mac’s OS has a higher degree of resolution independence. Right now, too much of the GUI (most notably the Menu Bar) is dependent on pixel size, so the pixels cannot get much smaller than current max of about 130 PPI. Mountain Lion does not seem to chance the underlying OS very much over Lion. Maybe the 2013 release will allow those ultra-high resolution displays on Macs. 🙂

      1. Okay – I trust you Ken – guess just wishful thinking then.

        I do not mean “kludge” – I think is Apple will go Pro level Tablet it will do it right. Furthermore, that OSX is already (if only in appearance) geared for this transformation to happen – seemingly an obvious direction one year soon.

  10. What’s amazing is they keep innovating at such a pace, while no one else is competing. It’s so common for companies to rest on their laurels in a situation like this. Not Apple.

  11. Though there is a danger that M$ can bring out the full blown M$ Office in a Windlows tablet and businesses will have no choice but to go with that. Don’t underestimate that threat.

    1. No longer a threat. For 20 years, microsoft had the world convinced that to do “real business” you needed windows and office. The iPad has already proven the lie to that myth and Microsoft is just a little man standing behind the green curtain.

      It’s too late for MS to stop the coming tidal wave. The dam has broken. Their only hope lies in limiting the damage, but even there they have not proven to be fully aware of the real danger they are in.

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