Apple’s new iPad could dramatically alter the Windows PC upgrade cycle

“The PC upgrade cycle later this year — consumer and corporate — is going to be very interesting to watch given the evolution of the tablet market and Apple’s next-generation iPad,” Larry Dignan reports for ZDNet.

“When Windows 7 launched the tablet market was a mere blip. Today, tablets are everywhere and Apple controls the market as a bevy of rivals have fallen short,” Dignan reports. “Microsoft is betting Windows 8 tablets can bridge with the PC, but the burden of proof is on [Microsoft].”

Dignan reports, “In other words, this won’t be your standard PC upgrade cycle. Apple made the case that the tablet market will be larger than the PC industry. Apple also wasn’t shy about its bet that the tablet replaces the PC in many cases… For Microsoft and Intel, the PC stakes have never been higher.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More and more, we see iPad in the hands of workers. It’s really quite amazing! The Windows PC market is in trouble.

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    1. My truck of choice is a Mac, but mostly I use my car, an iPad. New one arrives on my doorstep on March 16th! No standing in lines this time.

      (Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.)

    2. Good call. People who write iPad apps still need good laptops or desktops. I’ve tried to put myself in the shoes of a regular computer consumer, and I believe the iPad would be phenomenal. I could type a whole essay with a BT keyboard and print using AirPrint. The device is soooo useful.

      The only thing that I think it is lacking as a _complete computer replacement_ is some type of simple central file management. I know Apple wants to steer clear of this to avoid an Android level of complexity, but iCloud, which is also a magical backup service, is a leap in the right direction since files are grouped by type. Simple file management == show all or by type, sort, and filter by name or content (which you can already do for the most-part). No folders, nothing else, simple.

  1. There is no way in hell that Microsoft can possibly keep up with iOS updates (or even OS X updates). And with the speed that Apple can add features, both hardware and software, to iPads and iPhones, the gap is just going to get wider and wider.

    Heck, Apple is on its third iPad and Microsoft hasn’t even set a release date for its first Windows 8 tablet POS. Factoring in that Microsoft needs at least 2 unofficial public beta versions of every new product before it gets something working reasonably well, we’re looking at 2016 before there is a decent Windows tablet to even potentially challenge the iPad. Amazing.

    1. This game will be over long before 2016. If 80 or 90 percent of the Windows users are e-mailing, surfing and playing with an iPad, it is hard to get those Window turds infested. If you don’t turn them on except for the 1 or 2 things that you may need them for like maybe backing up your photos on a local hard drive, they will not need to be replaced.

      This game is already over and they don’t want to talk about it. Anyone talking about Tim Cooks closing comments about this is the first of several great products or services to come this year? Nope. No one heard that. Replay the end of yesterday’s event. No one heard it. Denial denial denial … Tsunami!

    2. I’m wondering how much of a nasty shock it might have been to MSFT to hear AAPL’s anouncement that OS X upgrades would come along each year.

      Mature OS’s generally require more time between releases for development, and that AAPL could seemingly churn these out faster must have come as a shock. I’m guessing that’s a schedule MSFT can’t hope to match.

  2. It is Windows 8 that is going to provide the biggest disruption to the PC upgrade cycle. It will suck and that will push people to either the ipad/mac side, or they’ll skip a version as we saw with Vista.

    Apple really has no competition at this point.

    MS is far too busy aiming Win357 Magnum at their own foot to be a threat to Apple.

  3. I’m a huge apple fan and I HATE fact that now because the new iPad unfortunalty don’t have a USB port to hook up an external hd I’m gonna have to find an alternative to the iPad. I was really hoping apple would add a USB I’m trying to get away from my desktop and really dont care for laptops. Is there a workaround?

    1. You might try a Motorola Xoom™ 10.1 inch LCD, Dual-Core 32GB SSD Wi-Fi Tablet with Android 3.1 (upgradable to 4.0). It has the USB you want and a ton of other stuff. They are selling them for $499.95 on HSN (Home Shopping Network), and on the HSN web site, 30 out of 35 reviewers say this tablet rocks.

    2. Look on the Apple web site for:

      Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
      The iPad Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera: using your camera’s USB cable or… $29.00 Ships: 1-3 business days

      Allows you to transfer from SD Cards or USB connections. I have used it to back up photos from my camera and/or iPhone to the iPad.

      Also look at DropBox and GoodReader

      1. Ugh don’t get me started on that POS camera kit. If iOS photo app had useable photo management features I might be happier but I have wasted so much time with it. Have fun trying to clean up and delete many or all photos after you’ve imported 1000’s of them. Maybe iPhoto will finally address this HUGE weakness.

        BTW, any photos you import can’t be synced into iTunes, which is bloody retarded and frustrating as hell. I’m told Mac users can do it in one of the photo apps but I don’t have a Mac and have no plans get one (I don’t like Macs).

        And BTW, WTF can’t iPhoto run on original iPad ? Because it doesnt have a camera ? Lame !! Boy I just love this fragmentation Apple is creating between product generations.

        1. Went to South America last spring. Imported over 4200 photos, all 18 mp. Had no problems working with them and deleting the odd bad photo or duplicate. The connection kit worked just fine.

          Methinks you troll.

    3. Seagate has an external hard drive, the GoFlex satellite, compatible with iOS utilizing Wi-Fi connection. It has a 500GB capacity. That oughta do it for you. 200 bucks.

    4. You’re either a troll, or you really haven’t done any research. What professionals do is use Dropbox, or Air Sharing, and use a wifi connection. There is, of course, the SD card solution, using the Apple Camera connector, and I use a similar device on my iPhone that predates the Apple card reader, the Zoomit card reader made by zoomediaplus.
      Try this:
      I’ve had mine for two years or so. Very useful, you should try it.

  4. Apple is not a monopoly. They do not control the market. The customers/consumers are dictating the market. Unlike the monopoly that still has a stranglehold with 90% of the PC world, Apple is growing and dominating because individuals are choosing so.

  5. #Silver surfer Look on the Apple web site for:

    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
    The iPad Camera Connection Kit gives you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera: using your camera’s USB cable or… $29.00 Ships: 1-3 business days

    Allows you to transfer from SD Cards or USB connections. I have used it to back up photos from my camera and/or iPhone to the iPad.

    Also look at DropBox and GoodReader

      1. Unless the iPad is the only piece of gear you own, there are many ways to play movies stored on hard drives.

        1-Buy an Airport Extreme, connect the USB HD to it and stream your movies wirelessly to the iPad. Bonus points, add an AppleTV and use Airplay to stream to your TV, while controlling with your iPad.

        2-Look into Air Video Server, a server program that runs on your computer, with a companion iOS app. Connect the USB drive to your computer and stream to iPads and optionally your TV via Airplay. It supports streaming from your computer over internet connections as well.

        3-Use Dropbox, BoxNet or any of the many cloud storage sites.
        4-If you need to go wired/old school, buy a USB thumb drive and use the camera connection kit to plug it into your iPad.

  6. So if we can now evolve the iPad beyond a one trick at a time pony….

    Like I have 235 updates waiting in my iPad app store app. Somehow Apple seems to think it needs to kick me out everytme I update an app, only to be back and in the app and waiting for the screen …. …. … … … to refresh.


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