“This is the first iPad with a decent camera. The very first iPad didn’t have one at all, of course, and last year’s wasn’t much to write home about. This year, there’s a 5Mp sensor,” Oscar Milde reports for Register Hwrdware. “Note that there’s no flash on this camera, so deploying it for stills or video is best suited to brightly lit situations. The video camera capabilities have been enhanced, too, so now it can shoot 1080p HD footage, up from the 720p last year’s model managed.”

“The new iPad’s ‘retina display,’ a 264 pixels per inch, 2048 x 1536 panel… is designed to be so high-resolution you can’t see the individual pixels,” Milde reports. “Take one glance at it and you can see Apple’s claim is true. This screen is very impressive… But to my eyes, it’s bright, crisp and crystal clear.”

Milde reports, “The A5X processor is not quad-core, as some had hoped, but it has twice the graphics performance of the iPad 2, I’m told. I tested a couple of games and they played very smoothly, with advanced graphics, to boot… If you haven’t had a tablet computer before, this looks like it is head and shoulders above the competition… If you have the iPad 2, the glorious 2048 x 1536 screen is reason enough to upgrade.”

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