“The PC upgrade cycle later this year — consumer and corporate — is going to be very interesting to watch given the evolution of the tablet market and Apple’s next-generation iPad,” Larry Dignan reports for ZDNet.

“When Windows 7 launched the tablet market was a mere blip. Today, tablets are everywhere and Apple controls the market as a bevy of rivals have fallen short,” Dignan reports. “Microsoft is betting Windows 8 tablets can bridge with the PC, but the burden of proof is on [Microsoft].”

Dignan reports, “In other words, this won’t be your standard PC upgrade cycle. Apple made the case that the tablet market will be larger than the PC industry. Apple also wasn’t shy about its bet that the tablet replaces the PC in many cases… For Microsoft and Intel, the PC stakes have never been higher.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More and more, we see iPad in the hands of workers. It’s really quite amazing! The Windows PC market is in trouble.

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