Apple sells out of multiple AT&T iPad models

“A quick glance at Apple’s online store tells us that customers who want to place orders for an AT&T 4G iPad won’t be receiving them at the same time the iPad makes its debut,” Jonathan S. Geller reprots for BGR. “Shipping times have already fallen to March 19th from March 16th [for 16GB and 64GB AT&T 4G models].”

Geller reports, “Verizon 4G iPads will still be delivered on March 16th, though we believe that will change soon as well.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Some “tech commentators” have their head in the sand and their hands in the pockets of Microsoft, Google etc. These talking heads sold their souls a long time ago. Most grovel in places like cNet etc.

  1. So crushing demand and response was indeed why Apple’s servers went down for so long yesterday…

    That big of an extended outage can only be acceptable with this kind factual basis….

  2. NOT true. I ordered a 16GB WIFI version yesterday. Decided I’d best get a 4G version. Canceled the WIFI version and successfully ordered 4G 16GB 2 minutes ago.

  3. My wife and I decided, based on past use of our 1st generation iPads (one with, one without 3G) that we could do with out 4G/LTE on our two new black 64-GB Wi-Fi models that are scheduled to be delivered in 3/16 – t-Minus 8 days and counting.

    It was painful getting the order placed, however, due to the load on the servers … patience and persistence paid off.

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