Tim Bajarin: Apple’s new iPad sets the stage for innovation

Yesterday, “Apple introduced a new iPad and with it has raised the bar for anyone creating a competitive tablet,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “The iPad, with its new Retina display that delivers 2048 X 1536 resolution, is clearly the highest definition tablet on the market. More importantly, as Apple pointed out, the work to create this type of HD quality experience on a tablet took many years of effort and tight integration with their new chip, which will make it very hard for competitors to match anytime soon.”

“One only has to view the new iPad against an older iPad 1 or 2 to see the major differences between the products,” Bajarin writes. “And it is even more pronounced when you view it next to an Amazon Kindle Fire or any of the other tablets on the market with standard definition displays… Apple also adds a new 5-megapixel camera that takes video in HD… also has an LTE option… the same battery life as iPads in the past… [and] prices are the same as on the older models… They are also introducing new apps from iPhoto to an updated iLife and an updated version of iMovie that allows for much finer creation tools to new ways to edit and distribute your movies via iCloud.. Software is clearly the key differentiator. The iPhoto demonstration alone will wow consumers and highlights the power of touch computing.”

Bajarin writes, “All of this new technology integrated into the new iPad will have a major impact on the market for tablets. From now on, this iPad will be the standard all other tablets will be compared to. And with it should come an even greater opportunity for Apple to pad their lead in tablets… That should give Apple a significant edge going into this holiday, as the iPad will clearly be the best tablet available bar none.”

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  1. Speaking of road kill and lapping! What part of iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iOS has not be the leading edge of innovation? In addition to this, when has any of these products been out innovated? Geez, really! The iPad has an edge over its competion?! Come on. I think this person was first hit by the iPhone 1 and has been flat on the mat ever since. Seriously needs some material to read before writing an article!

  2. Apple is far ahead in the race now. Very impressive showing from Tim Cook and company. Retina display. Wow. Everyone expected them to do it, sure. But they actually did it.

  3. Is it POSSIBLE I wonder that the new iPad has “baked in” the ability to detect electrostatically determined textures…as was conjectured in the run up to the announcement on March, 7? (see the CNET video on this linked earlier here on MDN)

    In other words…this coming September…in a software update…would they be able to introduce it along with 4 or 5 key apps that take advantage of it? The potential for it is huge. Think braille, or automotive apps, gaming, and hundreds of other potential uses.

    Is there a way to know if the new iPad has the potential already in it?

    1. I was as pumped as anyone for the haptic display (even thought it was the secret reason for iPad “HD”), but now that it’s not there — or probably not there — it seems a bit gimmicky… and maybe not that useful. I can’t actually think of a way that it is useful, frankly. I know, “you can feel the keys as you type!” Whatever. iPad has voice dictation now. If it’s a long message I’ll dictate major portions. Otherwise, I’ll hunt and peck just like always. A haptic display isn’t going to matter.

      1. Imagine using physical textures to compose music, or compare room decor, or create visual art. The Braille example is a good one too. In gaming the location of controls by physical shape would be huge…but if the past is prologue then the introduction of any capability (think compass) has found its way into hundreds of apps. Developers would leap on haptic textures hard. http://gamma.cs.unc.edu/HTEXTURES/

  4. By now, most of us have read hundreds of bloggy responses. When I read, “Just a screen bump, nothing else,” I wonder if there is a proto-humanoid race living alongside us.

    Some people defy sense.

  5. One day later, the energy here is similar to what existed when the iPad was first introduced. Few, especially pundits, could see the bigger picture or potential of this device. Who would have imagined near 600,000 apps just 2 years later. Now the next phase is here where the display becomes a huge game changer. And once again many pundits don’t see it comin’. Meanwhile, Apple is poised to leave the wannabes gasping for air and in the dust.

    Tim Cook did a commendable job yesterday introducing the new iPad, Yet, I found myself missing Steve Jobs, wondering how SJ would have introduced this next phase of the iPad. Certainly would have been a lot more passion behind the pitch. He was a master of bringing us into his world of wonderment.

  6. Although I will be buying the new iPad. It should be noted that the Asus Transformer Infininty will likely ship in April or May with a screen that is 224 ppi and the Muliticore Tegra 3 chip.

    I think the iPad achieves hardware parity and maintains its software and ecosystem advantage.

  7. Sort of reminds me of videos showing big dragsters at
    the racetrack. Just before the starting line they spin there tires in a pool of rubber cleaning solution
    at high speed creating loads of smoke and noise.
    Our new 4G ipad is doing the same thing but have Galaxy Tabs, Xooms and Kindle tablets under the tires….slinging these mangled also rans halfway across the infield through a fog of smoke and screen shards. GO BABY! GO BABY!

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