Leaked iPad 3 shell measured at 0.81mm thicker than iPad 2

“A new photo depicts the iPad 3’s shell as being 0.81mm thicker than that of the iPad 2, according to Apple.pro,” Electronista reports.

“In the image, both tablets are being measured using digital calipers,” Electronista reports. “The iPad 2 registers at 8.69mm, while the iPad 3 is a straight 9.5mm. Apple’s official specifications list the iPad 2’s thickness as 8.8mm.”

Electronista reports, “Either way the device should be thinner than the iPad 1, which was 13.4mm and often criticized as too heavy to hold for extended amounts of time.””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever. So, our wives and kids will have thinner iPads than us. Somehow, we’ll live. Just tell us when and where to enter our credit card numbers!!!


  1. “MacDailyNews Take: Whatever. So, our wives and kids will have thinner iPads than us. Somehow, we’ll live. Just tell us when and where to enter our credit card numbers!!!”

    Well I never would have guessed that MDN was a boys club. The constant political headline baiting and childish takes certainly never eluded to such a possibility…

    1. It is just a joke. I am actually the one who generally gets the Apple hand-me-downs in my family. So getting the iPad 3 before my kids will be a new and welcome experience.

    2. As a gay man (that shockingly uses Apple products), I would have preferred “spouse”. But I ‘get’ that straight dudes are speaking for themselves. I’m used to it.

  2. I call B.S. First off, they appear to be comparing a 3G model to a WIFI only and on the iPad3 photo you cannot see the bottom of the calipers to even know if it’s legit. Could be just a made up story for the web hits and nothing more.

  3. Still makes no sense. For now, I see no reason why would iPad 3 be thicker: the display is not thicker, and there is more than enough of space in iPad 2 case for larger batteries — for them to be wider (not thicker) in case if more capacity is needed.

    1. It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that the iPad will be as thick as it needs to be, and no thicker. .8mm won’t be discernible. The critical metric is weight, and no info on that yet.

    2. The iPad 2 is roughly an order of magnitude faster than the original iPad in computing speed. The iPad 2 would have been in the top 300 supercomputers in the world in 1994, and as fast as a washing machine-sized, liquid-cooled 4-processor Cray 2 from 1985. An eight-processor version of the Cray 2 was the fastest computer in 1985. If Apple makes a similar leap in performance from the iPad 2 to the iPad 3 in addition to a massive leap in graphics performance, then you should be shouting praise rather than bellyaching over a fraction of a mm.

      A mm is less than —> || It follows that 0.8mm is even less.

      If Apple adds incredible new functionality and maintains or even improves battery life, then iPad 3 sales will make the recent holiday quarter for the iPad 2 look like RIM Playbook sales results in comparison.

      My money is on the table for the iPad 3. Yours should be, too.

    1. Per the published and rumored specs, the iPad 3 (at 9.5 mm) is 3.9 mm (about 0.15″) thinner than your original iPad (at 13.4 mm). That is a 29.1% reduction in thickness relative to the original iPad.

      It will also likely have around two orders of magnitude better performance both in terms of the CPU and graphics performance. Do yourself a favor and get the iPad 3.

  4. If there’s a reason to thicken the case, it could be due to the camera, as better images require larger imaging chips, which require a greater distance between the focal plane and the front of the lens, as you can only bend the light so much without introducing other problems like chromatic aberration.

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