Tim Cook upstages Google’s Eric Schmidt with a simple invitation

“Oh those clever bastards at Apple are up to it again,” Buster Heine writes for Cult of Mac.

“Sitting back in their glass spaceship palace in Cupertino acting so coy as they unleashed their trickery on the world in the form of a simple invite,” Heine writes. “Right as Google’s Eric Schmidt was taking the stage at Mobile World Conference to talk about how awesome his company’s Android platform is, Apple completely distracted the entire internet by sending out invitations to their iPad 3 event.”

Heine writes, “Mere coincidence you say? Bullshit. Apple usually sends out invites exactly 7 days before the date of a keynote, but today they broke tradition and sent the invites out 8 days before the event just to screw with Google… How ridiculous is that Apple can steal the spotlight from their biggest rival by sending out a mere email while said competitor is putting on one of their biggest shows of the year. Android, you got served.”

Read more in the full article, “Apple Times iPad 3 Invite To Show How Little Anyone Cares About Android,” here.

MacDailyNews Take: Stolen product. Just desserts.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Hotinplaya” for the heads up.]


    1. I bet they weren’t even aware of him, but were all reading the email invitation from Tim Cook that had arrived on their mobile phones at the 2-minute mark of Eric’s speech…a subtle form of the venerable “screw you, jackass”!

    1. …because…
      Apple is taking the Lion’s share (pun intended) of smartphone profits…far and away a supermajority +. Android…not so good.

      Similarly, iOS developers making far more than Android.

      Schmidt didn’t pick the project right.

      iPhone is arguably more open in a strange way, in that there are more options for applications which is the ultimate personalization of a device.

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        1. Oh yes. They say that Success is the best revenge. And they can’t be more right. Apple upstaged a LIVE event by issued EMAIL announcements.

          Schmidt must have shat bricks…

  2. Eric Schmidt was allowed to sit on Apple’s board for way too long before his egregiously obvious behavior had him kicked off. He was basically like a sponge absorbing all sorts of new and wonderful Apple plans and details and ensuring that Google was going to benefit greatly from them. Apple was quite naive about all of this.

      1. It doesn’t matter if Schmidt didn’t see the iPad, even if true… its all about the iPhone when it comes to “theft”. And even if Eric never saw the prototype iPhone he certainly new about it. Plus all the time on the board he was able to study intimately how Apple operates, manufactures, distributes, markets and supports their entire ecosystem. The guy is a total scum bag.

  3. Has anybody noticed that the mountain lion image that Apple is using looks a lot like Steve Jobs’ picture on the cover of Walter Isaacson’s biography?

    It does to me anyway.

    1. @ Jo re “Has anybody noticed that the mountain lion image that Apple is using looks a lot like Steve Jobs’ picture on the cover of Walter Isaacson’s biography?”

      Just to make sure, I think it as well. And as I pointed out above, it may go far beyond the ‘look’. And neither is bad at all.

  4. Perhaps it’s more than just the

    “Mountain Lion

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    Mountain Lion is a take charge totem or energy. Mountain Lion people are such natural leaders that others tend to take their leadership for granted. If no one else is leading, Mountain Lion will naturally take over.

    Mountain Lion is not often allowed to show vulnerability. Mountain Lion is graceful and balances intention, strength and responsibility. Others are always safe when Mountain Lion is in charge. However, Mountain Lion does not think twice about taking on all the work. Examine whether you are delegating effectively. When you do everything for others, you train them to depend on you.

    It is the female Mountain Lion who is the hunter. It involves lessons in the use of leadership. It is the unusual individual who has not abuse power the first time in a position of leadership. Mountain Lion is an energy that cannot be caged. If you try to manipulate and control a Mountain Lion person, it will backfire. Mountain Lion needs to be free and unfettered. ” http://www.sedonaexperiences.com/AnimalSymbolism.htm

    “Here kitty, kitty. Big kitty. Nice kitty. Well, sometimes he’s nice, but at other times this kitty can roar. Mountain Lion is a symbol for leadership and is not an easy totem animal to have. I should know. It is one of mine. He sits on my right side and reminds me about the true nature of leadership. I also believe that Mountain Lion is a symbol for the right use of power.

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