New York Times gets cold shoulder from Apple after negative reports

The New York Times appears to have lost its invitation to the Apple party in a vein similar to Gawker Media’s Gizmodo blog, after printing a series of scathing reports that described the company as indifferent to terrible worker conditions in China,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“A report by Erik Wemple of the Washington Post highlighted an exclusive interview Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook granted the Wall Street Journal, noting that the piece wasn’t just a juicy scoop for the Journal, but also ‘pain for the shunned,’ particularly the New York Times, which Wemple called “the most aggressive pursuer of Apple-related news on the planet.”

Dilger writes, “Not only was the Times passed over for an interview with Cook, but it also appeared to be studiously ignored by Apple in the prerelease presentation and week long preview of OS X Mountain Lion that the company offered to everyone from Macworld to independent bloggers including John Gruber of Daring Fireball and Jim Dalrymple of the Loop.”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Justified. Apple should continue refuse to work with those who practice blatant yellow journalism.

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  1. The Times, once my favorite newspaper, are at it again, publishing an article regarding skepticism about Apple’s better- than- the average working conditions at the Chinese plants. Made it sound like a coverup. The Times should just STF up, and wait till more reports come out.

  2. NYT should consider itself lucky that Steve Jobs has joined the ranks of the immortals. Otherwise, they would have gotten hell from the guy for their crappy hit pieces on Apple.

    1. NYT would probably have not published those Apple/China stories had Steve Jobs still been alive for fear of his wrath. They thought Cook would be a pushover. Wake up and smell the coffee, NYT. Cook won’t yell and scream at you, he will simply cut you off from your bread and butter: News. Cook and Apple are not going to roll over in the face of old media using hit pieces on Apple to sell more of their dead tree rag. Those that made the NYT the onetime-premium news organization in the U.S. are now rolling in their graves.

      1. These are not the same fearless whistle-blowers who blew the doors off the Defense Department by publishing excerpts from the Pentagon Papers in 1971.

        These are the craven weevils of complicity and denizens of murky mirror-free Upper West Side private clubs, deforesting Canada to print increasing amounts of self-serving drivel.

        1. Sad, really. I consider the Mews media to be a sacred organization with an important job: inform the population and keep the light of truth held high to keep our government from getting away with corruption and the people acting decently.

          New York Times may have had its moment but I fear those glory days are forever behind us.

  3. Actually, it looks like this speculation has already been at least partially debunked, based on the update to the story at MacRumors:

    Update: David Pogue did report on Twitter yesterday that he had been “running Mac OS X Mountain Lion for a week”, so it is unclear exactly why his report was not ready to go when the embargo lifted and why his article did not offer any mention of a pre-briefing session as a number of the articles from other publications did.

    However, that gets in the way of a good sizzling story, so it’s not surprising these facts are being ignored…

    1. Agreed, I saw that also, looks like David Pouge was late with his story and the Post Rushed out to Print “Any Jucy revenge that Apple does” just to keep the weeks controversy alive.

      You can’t trust any of these News Paper Reportings, Most of them are so eager to jump on the next big thing they don’t Vet or research anything before hand, No integrity, no truth.

      I Guess it’s easier for them to apologize after the fact, Hell, Google gets away with it all the time!

        1. The problem is, it seems to be getting worse. Look at all the commenters here who remain blissfully unaware of these facts, despite their availability here.

          Willing self-deception is an extremely problematic part of poor reporting, especially when it becomes self-reinforcing (i.e., readers ignoring the facts which don’t fit the story they want to hear, so story-writers are more inclined to write what readers want to hear instead of what’s real).

        2. Agreed, and in the context of this story it was a News Paper that is going off the deep end this time, and the question of integrity is one of very important meaning, Most Apple users do understand the overreaction by most bloggers etc.

          And as the times change and the question of integrity needs to be brought to any Print Media to be more responsible and thorough in reporting, but it is a lost art, the quick easy fix is better, more stunning and gets readers.

          The days of moral high standards are behind us now, each individual can pick and chose what story they seem to believe conforms to their personal way of thinking, unfortunately what brings the most money from advertisements and page clicks or just plain accusations are the medium that most are using today.

          What ever brings in the most readers to the pages serves the purpose, even if such story’s are fabricated and designed around some truth, of it makes them money or gives them some notoriety that’s the payment.

          Or to put it simpley: They sell their souls, and to Hell with the full Truth.

    2. Actually, not only did David Pogue of the NY Times get an early copy of Mountain Lion, he also had one of those private interviews. John Gruber says that David Pogue was waiting in the hall for his turn as Gruber left.

      So, the entire premise of the article above is completely false, based on a stupid assumption built on total ignorance and being too lazy to, you know, investigate the facts.

      And these clowns insult bloggers.

  4. Maybe His Steveness would have repeated the comments to the Times that he made to Murdoch, the King of Yellow Journalism. Shakespeare said it best, “All are punishéd!”

  5. The New York Times is getting what it deserves for unfair, misleading journalism about Apple. Glad that Apple fans are getting a ring-side seat in this case. Maybe it will further decrease the NYTimes’s credibility, which is also deserved.

  6. People, please. They were NOT shut out. Pogue’s review is proof of it. Pogue just had the decency to keep the story about the tech, and not about his one-on-one encounter with Apple brass. I read the Gruber piece on Daring Fireball, and it struck me how star-struck he was. “Gee, gosh, a whole presentation just for me?!”

    Ironically, Pogue normally inserts himself into all sorts of stories, and didn’t this time around. Points for him. Points off for the Washington Post — and the others reporting on a supposed NYT freeze-out.

    Actually, you see the same reaction as Gruber’s with new reporters covering movie stars. Wow — George Clooney sat across from me and he was nice and smiled and answered my questions. How special I must be…

    Yawn, Nothing to see here. Move along.

    1. I didn’t find Gruber’s coverage to be “star-struck” at all. If anything, he seemed somewhat overwhelmed by the strangeness of what Apple was doing – which is understandable, given the circumstances. So your comments seem way off-base to me. I also think it was a mistake for Pogue to leave that side of things out of it. The out-of-the-ordinary-ness of how Apple handled this is a legitimate part of the story, so I don’t see any problem reporting it that way.

      All that being said, I do agree with you that this non-story about a non-snub of the New York Times is rather silly. Bad reporting is bad reporting, regardless of who’s doing it or who the story subject is. I put NYT’s attempts to paint Foxconn issues as being purely Apple’s fault at the same low level as today’s news outlets inventing a snub story where there doesn’t appear to be one.

  7. Test cook beyond ethical and you’ll find that like Setve Jobs, bird of a feather flock together. He’s as sharp a shooter as Steve and probably has lts of dry powder ready to back him and Apple up.

  8. Test Cook beyond ethical and you’ll find that like Steve Jobs, birds of a feather flock together.

    He’s as sharp a shooter as Steve and probably has lots of dry powder ready to back him and Apple up.

  9. NY Slimes

    A pathetic rag that can’t come to tems that they can no longer control what people get to read.

    Not worth the paper it’s printed on. The people that still read that propaganda shill, are as clueless as Obama, who once said the Internet was a threat to democracy.

    What an idiot!

    The thought that there are millions of sheep out there ready to vote this bozo into the White House another 4 years is frightening.

  10. Chinese peasants who once worked sunup to sundown, lived in huts with no floors and made $250 a year now make $250 a month assembling Apple products. . They now sleep in dorms, eat hot meals and work ten hours a day. Another generation and they will probably make $250 a week and work eight hours a day. Consider this… In 1776 US common folk worked sunup to sundown and slept in huts. The average US retail worker in 1899 worked 16 hours a day six days a week for $5 a week. Four generations later retail workers can expect 35 hour work weeks and $9 to $10 per hour. Conditions will improve for the Chinese working at Foxcom. No one can argue that what we consider bad conditions now are better than what they had before Foxcom. It all needs to be put into perspective.

    1. I think it’s more of an epidemic of willful ignorance than being childlike. Recently, an interesting study has shown that presenting facts to someone who strongly believes the incorrect opposite actually causes them to solidify their erroneous belief rather than bring them around to truth. Amazing creatures we are.

    1. not a Rush Limbaugh ditto head but I see you enjoy yellow journalism no matter what, for you to call anyone critical of the New York Times as bashers. Maybe if you look at some of the comments as to why people have strong disagree with the biased newspaper.

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