Why Apple is winning – and will continue to win for some time

“Call this column ‘confessions of a reformed Apple hater.’ I’ve spent the better part of my career insisting that Apple products were not for me,” Molly Wood reports for CNET.

“Now, just a week ago, I traded in my fourth Android phone (a Samsung Galaxy Nexus) for an iPhone 4S, which just about completes the cycle of Apple in my life. I bought a MacBook Air to replace a balky HP laptop running Windows Vista. I own an iPad because, well, what other tablet would I own? I have an iPod Touch almost solely to power a Bose sound system (and because I wanted to Facetime with my son back before I had the iPhone),” Wood reports. “And the other day, when my mom was complaining about startup times, printing, and wireless networking, the words, ‘you should get a Mac’ were out of my mouth before I could stop them.”

Wood reports, “Apple is winning. It’s doing much more than winning me over, but I think my experiences point, in part, to why Apple is currently and will keep winning well into the near future.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Welcome, former self-delusional sufferer, to the land of the sane and technologically happy!

Took you long enough! 😉

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Viridian” for the heads up.]

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    1. Reality is reality. I just convinced my boss to ditch his “built my self” PC for an iMac. He covered the Apple logo with some trinket he got from Germany. When I asked way, he said he did not want to by Apple but had to. The funny thing is that for the past week all I hear from him is, wow, this is pretty cool, again and again and again.

  1. Went to the grocery store yesterday for 15 minutes saw 5 iPhones, same day went to the doctors office, guy next to me had 2 iphone 4s’s, guy at the window had an IPhone 4S and to my surprise at the doctors office a teenager had her macbook pro pulled out and plugged into the wall. Went to the bank talked to a loan officer who is an avid Apple hater who insisted he didn’t like apple products because they don’t have flash. I informed him that Mac’s support Flash but that Adobe doesn’t even support flash on mobile devices anymore. He also had a Toshiba android tablet. Ever seen one of those? After I gave him the don’t be a hater, get a clue speech, he confessed he had an IPhone 4S.

  2. > Call this column ‘confessions of a reformed Apple hater.

    Long-time “Apple haters” are the hardest to “reform,” because most people hate to admit that they were wrong, and wrong for a LONG time.

    That’s why Apple’s Mac business will grow steadily (and “win”) for a LONG time. There are plenty of “Apple haters” left in the Windows portion of the pie…

    1. That’s why you don’t tell them that they were wrong. You let them save face by saying that Apple products have become so much better in recent years (which is quite true). Then they can still be “right” with their previous Windows PC decisions and be right again (for real this time) when they get a Mac and iOS products. Win-win!

  3. Wow! I stopped listening to the “Buzz Out Loud” podcast because I got tired of her hate-tirades against Apple. This is big; I literally never thought I’d see this day.

    Two unexpected, big, and pleasant surprises in one week. Maybe the world *will* end in 2012.

    1. Me.

      As much as I hate to admit it, I recently switched back to the Windows world, after a three-year refusal to use anything emblazoned with one of those perpetually-peeling, impossible to remove Windows stickers.

      My MacBook Pro, replaced at Xmas time 2010, had yet another catastrophic hard drive failure. Since this was my third hardware failure within a year of the replacement (which in itself was due to having three hardware failures on my original unit within six months), I’m having a hard time justifying getting another.

      And, Apple has refused to ship a replacement HDD to a family member back home who can forward it to me where I work in the Middle East, I have a Mac usable only by booting from a very slow and cumbersome external drive.

      I still use my Mac at the office, connected as it is to that external drive, which defeats entirely it’s portability. At home I custom-built a PC, since I use it primarily for Gaming and watching movies. I hate that it has Windows, and feel the Mac OSX is far superior in almost every way. But when I get around to replacing my now-not-portable laptop, I wil have to think long and hard about which way to go. There is no viable Apple support in this region, and I can’t afford to spend that kind of money on a laptop that will be down more often than up. At least with a Windows laptop, I’ll have local support options welshmen it inevitably goes down, and it will have cost me far less…

      Still, even browsing around in a Windows desktop and file system is *so* cumbersome…

  4. Finally got my mother to agree to switch to the Mac to go along with her iPhone 4 and iPod. Man, she’s a stubborn woman and refused to switch from Windows for well over a decade despite my prodding over all those years.

    But it can be done and I’ll be my parents’ tech to set things up and they won’t *EVER* have to worry about viruses and other typical Windows anomalies ever again. You know, the Windows converts tend to end up being the most diehard Apple fans because they’ve been through the hell.

    No need to smirk and say “I told you so.” Just make them productive and help them keep spreading the word.

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