Apple TV disappears from shelves, could see update next month

“Last year, we learned that the new iPad is codenamed ‘J2′ in the iOS 5.1 Beta software and last week, we learned that it will likely be announced at the beginning of next month,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac. “But we also learned of another Apple Jxx product, the next AppleTV, codenamed J33 in the 5.1B software.”

“Perhaps besides both showing up in iOS 5.1 software, the Jxx devices are also A6 devices? We can’t tell for certain if this new device will be a 1080P/A6 upgrade from the current or something bigger,” Weintraub reports. “One of our Best Buy sources just pinged us, alerting us that Apple TV isn’t just out of stock at his store, but no more are actually shipping out to stores at all.”

Weintraub reports, “A quick check around the web shows an eerily similar pattern: Amazon is out for ‘2-5 weeks…'”

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  1. Or is an actual iTV announcement coming?

    I’d welcome a 1080p A6 in the same small case, though. The one hooked to my projector could benefit from the higher res.

    1. If the mythical AppleTelevision was pending an announcement, I would still think that the ATV device would still be produced.

      Like you, I’d love to see an updated ATV with 1080p output and a faster processor. Perhaps this would also open the door for apps as well.

        1. That’s what I was saying, that I’d like to see the ATV get updated. I personally have no interest in the AppleTelevision, but love my ATV2.

          I’d buy the ATV3 immediately.

      1. It did? Didn’t know that. I have the current one. It played “The American” in HD; I could count the tiles on the Italian rooftops. Is HD the same as 1080p? Sorry if it’s an elementary question.

        I bet that the next Apple TV will take a page from your own book and play all the best, and beat them decisively (except maybe Reshevsky in 1948, but still prevailing with your signature cool demeanor).

        1. 1080i and 1080p are both HD, however…

          1080 is interlaced, meaning that every other line of horizontal resolution is shown at a time.

          1080p is progressive, meaning that all lines of horizontal resolution is showing simultaneously.

          They are both HD, but only 1080p is “full HD.”

          1080i (or 720p) is stunning, but 1080p is even more so.

  2. Wholesale replacement of my two if this is true. I can’t really justify an actual iTV if that is what is coming, but another set top box will definitely be in the cards. We killed cable at my house and consume our entertainment solely via AppleTV. An amazing hobby to be sure.

  3. I would’ve been waiting to get the ATV for a while now, but what always stopped me was that it didn’t come in white (I know but with the exception of my MBA, every Apple product I own is white haha)

    1. Beginning to look like it. Time for them to man up and take on another wave o’ tin soldiers. I would like to see some serious asskicking of wayward bankers. Them lot had it coming for a generation, or two, now.

  4. I just wish that I could actually use my apple tv (current) without having to unplug it each time to use it. Netflix is not on the menu along with movies and tv. Why? It seems like it could be a network issue but my 360 is in the same spot and is always connected.

    1. I never have to reset my Apple TV. I suspect that your Xbox is infecting your Apple TV with a virus.

      Microsoft has long had it in for Apple. The kidnapping and brainwashing of Bungie, to launch their Xbox with fireworks, was only the beginning. There were multiple FUD campaigns that failed, and copycat products that sucked. We’ve even heard, recently, that now Steve Ballmer is stalking Apple retail, spying on them, moving next door, dressing in their clothing. Microsoft will stop at nothing to regain their hegemony, even if that means programming their game consoles to spy on Apple’s.

      1. That’s a very serious allegation. And I love it. I doubt though that the virus scenario is likely, I’d vouch for plain network monitoring (possibly more, i.e., sending disruptive packets).
        If this were to prove true
        (i) Microsoft can get a lot of negative publicity for spying on your local network (aTV or anything else)
        (ii) Apple gets a lot of free publicity for its aTV, at a time a new model is due out in one form or another.

    2. Update the firmware on your router, or if possible, test another router.
      I had a d-link router that was giving me hell with my AppleTV. I updated the firmware and things have been smooth since then.

  5. I hope the real ATV comes with awesome integrated sound.

    As for developers, wouldn’t the d conference I’m June be the time to bring them in and open it up?

  6. Bring it ON. I’ve been waiting for ATV3 I hope this is real. And please bring on Wifi Direct support !! Let us take our ATV’s with us and use them anywhere. This would mean no wifi router required.

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